Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles: Officially Back Together?!

It’s tough to tell what the hell’s going on with Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles these days, but allow us to break down the most recent developments for you:

Back in February, there were rumors that Kendall dumped Harry after just a few weeks of dating.

Following a brief, bizarre period in which it was rumored that Harry was dating Chelsea Handler (?!), several media outlets reported that Kendall and Harry were back on.

It appeared, however, that the young stars were attempting to keep their relationship on the down-low, as the only confirmation of their reconciliation came from an iCloud hack that showed images of Kendall and Harry coupled up.

The interesting thing is that when they first started hooking up, there were rumors that Kendall and Harry were faking their relationship for publicity purposes.

Now, it looks as though they’re trying (and failing) to keep things low-key.

While they’re not as stealthy as they think, we might never know for certain exactly what the deal is with these two.

Are they friends with benefits, or are they involved in a serious relationship?

Whatever the case, there’s definitely still something going on here – we just don’t know what.

According to E! News, Kendall and Harry were spotted enjoying an intimate dinner together last night.

Tipsters who work at the restaurant say the reality star and the (former?) One Direction singer were not spotted kissing, but were “super touchy-feely” with one another.

We don’t have specifics on exactly what that means, but when was the last time you had an “intimate” night out with a recent ex?


The point is, like we said, there’s something going on with these two.

Unfortunately, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is on hiatus, and no one in Kendall’s family makes big revelations unless they’re televised.

So it be a while before we find out for certain if Kendry is a thing.

Okay, that couple nickname isn’t the greatest, but it certainly beats Harndall.


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