Britney Spears Threatens to Sue Tabloid: Find Out Why!

Britney Spears returned to the MTV VMA stage on August 28, but did her appearance on the red carpet and performance go without a hitch?

There was obviously a lot of hype surrounding her big return to the stage that made a laughing stock out of her in 2007. 

Britney was not herself when she performed in 2007. It’s sad, but there’s no getting away from the fact that her confidence was pretty much non-existent during the performance of “Gimme More.”

However, her performance of “Make Me…” with G-Eazy was met with mostly positive response.

As always, Britney was criticized for miming her song, but she more than made up for it with her energetic dance routine. 

There was even an almost kiss between Britney and her performing partner that sent the internet into a flurry of emotions. 

Britney made it clear in the days after the performance that G-Eazy did not try to kiss her and claimed he had a girlfriend. 

It was pretty clear that Britney Spears was back and better than she’s been for many years. 

Somehow, people still want to bring the star down. This is not sitting well with Spears who is ready to start filing some lawsuits

There’s only so much one person can take before it all becomes a bit too much, but Spears is not messing around. 

Making false reports about her is one thing, but trying to bring her down when it’s clear she’s back to her former self is just ridiculous. 

Britney’s current target is In Touch, who are allegedly about to release a completely fabricated article about the singing sensation.

The potential story claims that Spears was acting very erratic at the VMAs. 

Britney had every right to be a little nervous about her performance. Her previous performance at the VMAs did not go down well, so she knew there was a lot riding on that one. 

The article even claims that Britney was laughing speaking in a British accent. It all sounds pretty ludicrous and is if it’s been pulled from thin air. 

This has got to stop, so it’s pretty great Britney is not holding back with the tabloids this time round. 

Britney’s lawyer says the story is “utterly false, highly defamatory and completely offensive to Ms. Spears.”

With In Touch adamant they’re running the story, it remains to be seen just how all of this will play out. 

The chances of Britney’s lawyers stepping down are pretty much slim to none, so we could be in for a thrilling legal battle. 

It’s great that Britney has decided that she’s done being trashed by her haters. 

What do you think about all of this?

Is Britney right to pursue legal action against In Touch?

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