Nicki Minaj: My Hairdresser Has My Back!

Nicki Minaj might actually be able to fire her bodyguards.

All celebrities these days look to other means to ensure their safety.

One of the huge pitfalls of being a celebrity is that the public seem to think it’s okay to approach them in the street or in a public place. 

That’s totally not okay and it’s actually a complete lack of respect.

They should be allowed to walk around like the rest of us and not have to worry about a getting too much attention. 

It’s no wonder that some stars opt to steer clear of the public. 

The public can be very unpredictable and allowing the wrong person to approach you could lead to an unthinkable chain of events. 

Minaj found herself in quite the pickle over the labor day weekend while on a flight in New Jersey. 

One fan thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of the rapper, but Minaj’s hairdresser was completely disgusted at the lack of respect from the fan. 

This led to the hairdresser snatching the cell phone and attempting to delete the picture of her friend. 

The fan then wanted to get the cops involved, so everyone involved was questioned when the plane touched down. 

It was a bit much to get the cops involved when the person who took the picture was clearly in the wrong. 

Nicki should have filed a report on the girl. 

That would have been the ultimate karma. Nicki has kept quiet about the whole incident on social media. 

No one was arrested, so it was a big waste of time for all the parties involved. 

The act from the hairdresser was great. Stars are entitled to some privacy and it’s not like Nicki is able to jet set around on private jets. 

Might Nicki get rid of her bodyguards in favor of her hairdresser? 

Probably not, but it would make for a great job title!

Nicki is not the first celebrity to have beef with a fan over taking pictures. 

Recently, Niall Horan was feeling a little under the weather and one fan got a little too close for comfort to take sneaky pictures of him. 

This did not go down well, with Horan slamming the fan on Twitter

He had every right to do so. 

Nicki Minaj took to the MTV VMA stage on August 28. 

She and Ariana Grande performed “Side By Side.”

It was a raunchy performance.

Basically, it’s what you would expect from the two. 

It got fans talking and reception to the performance has been mostly positive. 

It may have been a little too much even for the VMAs, but it made up for a terrible awards show. 

It’s time for the show to get a major revamp. 

Going back to having a presenter would be a great start. 

Key & Peele may just have ruined their reputation with their performance. 

It was tedious and unfunny.

What do you think about Minaj’s hairdresser leaping to her defense?

Should Minaj get rid of her bodyguard?

Hit the comments. 


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