My Best Friend Wanted To Snatch My Husband



Do not ever allow people to talk you out of doing something you are a hundred percent sure about. We are all faced with different challenges in life and the decisions we take would determine how far we would go.

I met my husband when I was in my third year in the university. I would never have thought that we would end up together considering the fact that he is nine years older than me. My friends laughed at me when I told them about the toaster that proposed marriage on our second date. I was advised to make the most out of the situation by making him my sugar daddy and extorting money from him.

I was naive and did not think it was the best thing to do considering the fact that he struck me as a kind man.

He did not even force me into doing anything intimate with him as he was more concerned about me finishing with a good grade in school. Before I went on IT, we got closer and he helped me with my placement too. While I was having a good time getting to know him, it was impossible not to nurse some fears.

I needed to know if he was really single as he had claimed because my best friend had told me his wife and children could be living outside the country. She filled my head with all sorts of evil thoughts against him.

She was completely mad at me for always hanging out with him the few times he visited me in Ibadan.

She managed to say hello to him one day when he came to pick me from the class. He brought provisions for me and felt guilty about him not even bother counting as he gave it to her. This was unsettling, I know how girls could be in my school when they see lots of money but the fact that she has never been his fan took away my fears. Being on IT gave us enough time to get to know each other because he brought me to Lagos.

He got me an apartment and did not force me to come live with him in order to make me more comfortable. The three-bedroom apartment he rented for me was too big so with his permission, I asked my best friend to come stay with me. That was the beginning of trouble. We were together most times and he would take us out in the evenings.

They became closer and I was glad she was seeing the good part of him. He proposed within a very short time and we fixed a wedding date. My mother took a liking to him and agreed he was good for me after touring all the clerics’ houses for weeks. His parents loved me and were so eager to get us married. Preparing for the wedding was not easy as I had to get all my friends together.

My best friend was made the maid of honour and she helped me with the preparation since she knew Balogun market well.

Two weeks to my wedding, I walked in on my best friend who was kissing my fiance and touching him all over. I was furious and moved towards her to in a flash. I slapped her three times in a row and started beating her real good. My fiance pulled us apart and I finally looked at him.

He was sorry but I was blinded by rage; I ordered bestie out of the house and sat down to clean the mess we had made.

The next few days were tormenting. I kept getting calls from the makeup artist and the tailor who wanted me to try my clothes for the last time.

I was not even sure I was ready to marry a man who did not have the decency to cheat on me with someone neutral. I asked a few people for advice and they all asked me to back out.

My mother sat me down and told me series of stories. I wept as she spoke because my heart was broken.

I did not talk to him during this period even though he was calling and begging. I decided to meet him a week to the wedding and we had a very long talk.

He cried as I vented; he claimed she came on to him and was just trying to get her off him when I walked in.

This is the story of Mrs. T. Williams (not a real name).

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