“Michael Must Never Be Found On The Streets Again” – Kate Henshaw

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Kate Henshaw who is known for her selfless works steadfastly held on to caring for Michael even after the ordeal with his family.

According to TVC:

Determined to ensure that Baby Michael becomes a normal baby like his mates, Nollywood actress and humanitarian, Kate Henshaw, who has been caring for the child with support from individuals and friends, has come out to share with the public the level of progress she has made in the course of his treatment.

“It has been quite a journey but in everything I give God praise. The last press conference we had on August 6 to intimate the public on how far we had come and the way forward for Baby Michael did not have his mother, Mary, in attendance. She had not been in touch for at least three weeks since we moved him from LUTH during the strike to Project Alert’s Shelter.

“We decided to return Baby Michael to the care of his aunt, Mrs. Syndi and grandmother. They have however asked

us to continue to pay for his medications and transport him to the hospital whenever he has appointments. We have it in writing. We are happy to do that. That is the commitment we gave in the beginning.

“We have also asked that the progress we have made so far with him should not retrogress and he must never be found on the streets again used as a tool for begging,” she said.

The course for Baby Michael to get well started months back when the star actress’, attention was drawn to the boy and his mother, who begged for alms around the bridge close to Muson Centre.

“Michael Must Never Be Found On The Streets Again” – Kate Henshaw on Nigerian Celebrity News + Latest Entertainment News.


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