See the Filthy ISIS Cell Where S*x Slaves Were R*ped and Tortured by Terrorists (Photos)

Rebel fighters in Syria have uncovered a hellish prison used by Islamic State militants to r*pe and torture women.
Brutal torture instruments, s*x drugs and contraceptives was found at the site – suggesting the horrors that took place within the grimy walls.
The dark dungeon with ten small cells behind iron doors was found in Manbij, a Syrian city recently liberated from ISIS by Kurdish forces.
Dirty mattresses lie on the floor along with plastic bowls filled with a powder and a liquid.
Graffiti has been scrawled on the walls in some of the cells – apparently by some of the women who were held here.
One message says in Arabic said: “God, I have wronged myself, and no one forgives sins but you. Forgive me, you are forgiving and merciful.”
The discovery was made by fighters from the Manbij Military Council, which is part of the US-backed, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.NINTCHDBPICT000263601856
The group’s Ibrahim Al-Mohammed told the Arab24 agency: “We discovered an Islamic State group prison for women, with rooms for groups as well as solitary prisoners.
“We found the worst, most violent torture tools, and may God curse them.”
S*xual stimulants, contraceptives and narcotics were also uncovered at the site, the fighters said.
Military council group leader Omar Mazerli said: “We found various kinds of pills, including sexual stimulation, contraceptives and narcotic pills which were used by the Islamic State group for torture.
“They have very strange ways. This place was very hard to find and it is well hidden, but we got here with God’s will and the efforts of the Military Council.”
The fighters said the prison would have been used by ISIS to hold women who defied their orders.
The discovery comes just weeks after the SDF reclaimed control of the city from ISIS, freeing thousands of captive civilians, after a battle that lasted months.
Residents celebrated their freedom by taking to the streets, with men cutting their beards and women setting fire to niqabs in defiance at the militant group’s strict religious edicts.
The capture of Manbij is the biggest defeat for the terror group in Syria since July 2015, when they lost the town of Tal Abyad on the border with Turkey.
The town, on a key supply route between the Turkish border and the ISIS capital Raqqa, is known as “little London” because ofthe number of British jihadis who stayed there.


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