[PHOTOS] 7 Remarkable Things Mark Zuckerberg Did When He Visited Nigeria

Zuckerberg in Nigeria

Facebook founder and fifth richest man in the world, Mark Zuckerberg, quietly flew into Lagos, Nigeria on Tuesday, 30th of August 2016 and made some important visits during his stay in the country.

Below are 7 things Zuckerberg did during his stay in Nigeria

1.) The Facebook Founder visited Startup clusters in Yaba, Lagos starting with the Co Creation Hub (CcHub) and Andela


Zuckerberg 2

2.) The 5th richest man in the world trekked on the streets of Yaba.

Zuckerberg in Yaba

3.) He held a Question and answer session with developers in Lagos


4.) Zuckerberg took time out to work on his physical fitness as he was pictured jogging on the Island in Lagos

Zuckerberg jogging

5.) He took time out to visit Nollywood and met with Nigerian celebrities both in the film industry and music industry

Zuckerberg and Nollywood stars

6.) Zuckerberg also used the oppurtunity of his visit to mentor young children who are interested in coding and tech world


7.) He had a taste of Nigerian dishes. The tech giant also endorsed Nigerian dishes and delicacies, particularly pointing out the superiority of Nigeria’s Jollof rice over others (This was obviously great news for Nigerian social media users particularly after the Nigerian jollof vs Ghana jollof debate.

[PHOTOS] 7 Remarkable Things Mark Zuckerberg Did When He Visited Nigeria on LATEST NIGERIAN NEWS BREAKING HEADLINES NEWSPAPERS.


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