Big Brother Recap: Another Crazy Speech

When you’re leaving the Big Brother house, you kind of want to leave on good terms with your fellow houseguests, but Michelle Meyer does not care for making friends.

We picked up after the veto ceremony. As you all know, Nicole chose to keep her nominations the same. Michelle was still the target, but she had a feeling Paul would be going home.

She didn’t feel the need to campaign to save herself. In a season with multiple pawns going home, you’d think she’d be wheeling and dealing for safety.

Sadly, she was a little too comfortable of her position in the house and decided against campaigning. Why the heck would you not campaign in the Big Brother house?

It’s mind boggling. Michelle obviously realized Paul was not campaigning, so she felt pretty safe about her odds of staying in the game. 

Granted, Nicole could have done a better job of keeping James and Natalie in the loop about who she wanted gone. 

Nicole was in a great position because she could get anyone she wanted out of the house due to the dwindling numbers. 

Instead, she thought it would make more sense to reaffirm her commitment to The Final 4.

Corey using his bribe to make sure Victor was voting Michelle out seemed a bit much. If anything, it could have gave Victor second thoughts about the alliance. 

Thankfully, he saw the bigger picture and took the bribe. 

Meanwhile, Michelle’s meltdown continued as she opened up to Paul about not knowing what was going on with the eviction. 

Paul lied to her and said he genuinely doesn’t know what’s going on. Natalie giggled away because she felt like they hadn’t been playing the game all week.

Maybe her, James and Michelle were not, but The Final Four have been conspiring about the next eviction all week. 

We got to check in with Victor’s family, who were adamant their son would go further in the competition and that he won’t settle for second place. 

He really is the comeback kid, but does he deserve three chances to win the money? 

At the eviction, Paul’s speech was classy because he knew he was safe, but Michelle tried to be as controversial as possible. 

There was a tie, with Nicole voting Michelle out, sending her to the jury house. 

This paved the way for a huge argument, with Michelle calling out Victor and Nicole, before fleeing the house with Paul’s duck. 

I was rooting for Michelle a few weeks ago, but the way she acted was deplorable. That was the least classiest exit in the entire 17 year run for the show. 

She knew she was gone, so she wanted to be remembered. She’ll be remembered for all the wrong reasons and that’s her own fault. 

Julie calling her out for not campaigning was great. 

The HOH competition kicked off after Michelle was sent to jury, but the episode concluded before we got to see much of the competition.

What do you think of all the events?

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