Rory Feek Shares Heartbreaking Footage of Wife/Daughter

Prepare to cry your eyes out upon watching the following video.

It has been shared by Rory Feek six months after his wife, Joey Feek, lost her battle with cancer.

On Tuesday, the singer wrote a heartfelt tribute to his little girl on his official blog, including both the footage below and many beautiful words.

"I'm reminded what a gift she is. What a gift she's been to me. And to Joey," Rory wrote, adding:

"She is the smile on the face of father who should be crying. She is the joy in the life of a family that should be filled with sadness."

Joey Feek gave birth to little India in February of 2014; the child was born with Down Syndrome.

"God doesn't make mistakes," the father of three said, remembering all those times when friends and family member would express their condolences to him and Joey about their daughter's diagnosis.

He explained his thinking as follows:

"That's such a strange response to the birth of a child. Maybe they were just sensing the confusion in my voice or more likely, they didn't know what to say.

"It's what society has told them – told all of us … awe, you didn't get a regular baby … you got something less …That's the messaging that is out there." 

After chronicling her journey and all the time she spent with her daughter online, Joey Feek died at the age of 40 in March.

Rory says he compiled the footage below as a tribute to his wife's life and to the child they created together.

"I'm so so proud of [the film]. Proud of my wife. Proud of the chance to share this story with others," he wrote.

"You just watch a woman live and love and are changed. And you also see a baby born near the beginning that is not the child we expected. But by the end, you – like us – realize that she's not less.

"She's more. More wonderful and more precious and even more important to our lives and story than we expected."

India loves to swim, Rory says, and attends a school for children with special needs.

"Indiana is not less than any other child. Different is not less," Rory proudly concluded. "Having down-syndrome doesn't make her life any less meaningful than someone else's or her dreams or feelings any less important.

"Not as a child and I suspect, not in the years to come when she grows to be an adult."

Watch the video now. We're not too proud to admit that we have tears rolling down our face as we type this…

Rory feek shares video of daughter with late mother touches us a


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