Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: 10 Teases for the End

Pretty Little Liars is officially coming to an end

Marlene King revealed on August 29 that the Freeform drama will return for 10 more episodes before signing off for good. 

This raised a lot of questions about whether the show would be able to wrap up all of the plot in 10 episodes. 

Marlene chatted to reporters on August 31 about the end of the series and what to expect. 

Here's what she revealed:

1. No Time Jump

Pretty little liars are shocked
“It’s one of our moments-later premieres,” King said. “So, Ali will not be super pregnant, she’ll just be a little more pregnant than she was last night.”

2. Paige Is Sticking Around

Pretty little liars cast pose
“Paige is not gone for good,” King said. “Having that triangle play out felt very appropriate for us as storytellers as we embark upon these final 10 episodes.”

3. Wren Is Back!

The wrath of kahn scene
“We’ll see him in more than one episode, which is fantastic,” King teased of Melissa Hastings’ ex-boyfriend. “He had never had a scene with Ezra, and he and Ian [Harding] are friends in real life, so [Julian Morris] was like, ‘Please, can I have a scene with Ezra?’ So that was really the originator for the first scene that we’ll see Wren in when he comes back.”

4. Movie Spin-Off?

Shocked aria
“We’re very open to finding ways to keep these characters alive,” King said. “I hope that down the line we find a way to bring the girls back together again. It’s such a fun world to play in that we’re always keeping those options open.” King teased that the final episode will be like a movie, “The last episode is really going to be treated like a two-hour movie.”

5. Charlotte’s Origins

Serious spencer
“We will find out who Charlotte’s father is,” King revealed. “And we will find out how Spencer came to be with her entire family dynamic.”

6. Is Jenna Really Evil?

Emily on season 7
“She knows A.D. exists,” King said of the Liars’ enemy. “She is, I would say, anonymously working for A.D. in ways that we find out moving forward a few other people on our show are as well.”

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