Low Points: 5 Black Stars players who gave us bad hair days

5 Black Stars players who gave us bad hair days - Isaac Vorsah

A list of 5 Black Stars players who gave us bad hair days.

Football hairstyle is a thing when done right. But when than wrong, the aftermath can bring a whole career down as fans will never see you the same again. Lol.

Here are five Black Stars players who went down that road and gave us bad hair days:

Isaac Vorsah


The towering ex Kotoko defender was a pillar of strength for the Black Stars until injuries took their toll but we also remember him for some remarkable hairstyles. None more so than when he showed up for national duty at the AFCON 2013 in South Africa with this golden mess. We do not know what kind of style points he was trying to score but he surely won the shock factor competition. Get well soon champ.

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Anthony Annan


The diminutive midfield general of the Black Stars from 2008 was regarded as one of the more understated stars of the national team until he showed up with this work of art. A fine mix between dreadlocks and traditional plaits, Annan’s look sure scared a lot of opponents as he became one of the most dominant midfield enforcers in the recent history of the team.

John Boye


A man who has decided not to part ways with his peroxide spray even though it is so 2012. Boye has become synonymous with a golden dimension to whatever his stylist cooks up for him at the salon. Speckled mohawks, speckled twists, you name it he will add his spray.

Christian Atsu


Atsu is the greatest mohawk practitioner in the national team. Since his breakthrough a few years back he has honed his mohawk to a sharpness that is unparalleled. His mohawk for the last AFCON was one that matched his performances. AFCON 2017 is just around the corner and we cannot wait for the next version of the Atsunami Mohawk.

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Mubarak Wakaso


The runaway winner of this competition, Wakaso also burst through during the AFCON in 2013 with some energetic performances and a hairstyle that we are still trying to explain. A combo of a mohawk, braids, perm and whatever else his hairdresser could come up with, it truly gave us a lot to think about.

Mubarak Wakaso


Yes. Him again. This was after he carved a path right in the middle of his mohawk and then borrowed John Boye’s spray can for effect. We miss those heady days as Wakaso has toned down the hair antics for a more conservative look.


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