Freeze: "I love having an opinion about everything" declares OAP


The Cool FM presenter breaks down why he likes airing his views no matter how unpopular they are.

Half Nigerian, half Romanian OAP Freeze told Pulse in an exclusive interview that he feels compelled to share his opinion and views on topical issues.

"I like airing my views, and the problem I have always had is that I don’t see things everyone else sees them and I try to point out to other people to see what I am seeing. And sometimes because I am not very good with toning down my emotions, it comes across as rash and people jump on" Freeze told Pulse in the Cool FM studio.


"I love having an opinion about everything. If I am allowed to I wish the fans out there would allow me to have an opinion about everything but unfortunately, If I am not allowed to I would still share my opinion on one or two sensitive issues.

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"Now here is the deal. I will try really hard because also I don’t want to be that person that everyone jumps on to bash when something goes wrong" he further said.


In his exclusive interview with Pulse, Freeze revealed how his beef with Basketmouth started and spoke about the rumour of him getting fired by Cool FM.


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