Aubrey O'Day: Engaged To Pauly D?

They met while filming Famously Single, but Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D could very be married by the end of this year.

O’Day just wrapped Celebrity Big Brother in London, so she and the D are taking a lover’s holiday around Europe.

And though she didn’t end up winning the reality competition, Pauly D still thinks O’Day a champion.

“In My Eyes She Won !” he Instagram’d five days ago.

Before starting the show, Aubrey sent a love note to her man on social media.

“My dearest hubby@djpaulyd, I will miss you so much,” she wrote.

“You are my best friend, my lover, my person, my soulmate! Hold the fort down.. take care of our babies… hopefully I’ll come home with an amazing accent ;)!”

However, once O’Day was inside the CBB House, TMZ reported that Pauly D. had dumped her without her knowledge, since celebrity participants (including Mob Wives‘ Renee Graziano) are cut off from the outside world.

The site reported that the couple split “for a few days” in May, and then on August 1st the Jersey Shore star and DJ deleted all of his social media posts involving O’Day.

It appears, however, that they are back together, because both O’Day and D have been posting an insane amount of loved-up photos on Instagram, complete with a selfie stick.

“some people have selfie sticks.. some don’t,” O’Day wrote on one Instagram.

In the photo below, O’Day is showing off a big ole’ rock on her left finger, prompting fans to wonder if Pauly D had popped the question.  

Or she could have pulled a page from Farrah Abraham’s book and purchased it herself (what, with the exchange rate being very favorable for Americans in Europe right now).

During their first break-up in May, O’Day told E! News that she and Pauly D were the real dea.

“I’m the first girl Pauly has ever loved as he admits on the show – never loving before me.” she said

“Nothing about our relationship was not serious.

“He brought me into his life with his daughter and mother, who I respect dearly.

“Neither of our busy schedules have anything to do with why this didn’t work.

At the end of the day, we tried our best.”

Another day has dawned on their relationship! True love is real!


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