Sulley Muntari: Check out Ghanaian player's $900k monster car causing a stir in Accra

Sulley Muntari and his $900,000 monster car.

Sulley Muntari spotted by his $900,000 monster car in Accra. See more photos of the car.

Sulley Muntari has never shied away from the big moments in his life. We are not talking about football here. We are talking about spending big on $900,000 monster AMG’s.

That was last year and it caused quite a storm especially with then upset AC Milan fans who vented on him for his lavish outlay whilst he was not producing lavishly on the pitch.

That storm was repeated a few weeks back in Accra when the currently unattached star was seen in town with his now customized Brabus. Reports even claimed the vehicle was owned by the brother of the president, Ibrahim Mahama but we have the photos to establish Muntari owns the vehicle.

His 4FK Motorsport company have shared photos of how the white monster was transformed into the camouflaged monster we see on the streets of Accra.

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Pictures of Sulley Muntari’s $900,000 monster car


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The car during the makeover last year



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