BUSTED! Guy Who Stole 75 million Naira Arrested With a Prostitutes at a Night Club

A KK security group employee who stole Ksh 25 million(75m naira) was arrested at a nightclub in Homa Bay partying with pr@st!tut3s.

The suspect by the name Handson Nyasaka, (in photo below) had stolen the loot that was in foreign currencies that amounted to Ksh 25 million ($50,000, 98,500 Euros and 90,000 Swiss Francs) in August 11th after he was sent by the company to pick the cash and take it to Nairobi.BUSTED! Guy Who Stole 75 million Naira Arrested With a Prostitutes at a Night Club 1

Police escorted him to Moi International Airport in Mombasa but they didn’t accompany him on the flight because he was to be picked up by colleagues and police officers at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi.

After he landed in Nairobi, he switched off his phone, changed the line and vanished into thin air with the money.

Police say he travelled to Kisii where his family lives.

After staying in Kisii for a few days, he lied to his family that he was headed back to Mombasa but he went to Homa Bay to squander the money with pr@st!tut3s.

Detectives visited the suspect’s home in Kisii where they seized his parent’s phones.

Apparently, he had left them with his new phone number and that’s how he was tracked and arrested.

The suspect was arrested in Homa Bay as he was having fun with pr@st!tut3s in a night club.



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