SHAME! Two Female Thieves Stripped and Beaten by an Angry Mob (Photos)

Two female identified as Wincate Mukami and Faith Wangui, was stripped and mercilessly beaten by an angry mob , The women were said to have conned a man about N52,000 (Sh17,000) in Embu town of Kenya.
According to a report by Nairobi News, Embu Deputy Police boss Ziro Arome said the women had been moving around town under the guise of selling SIM cards while tricking unsuspecting people.
But, their cups got full after they conned a businessman on Monday evening. The man raised alarm which attracted people.
“Had the police not arrived on time, maybe they would have been harmed more. They had visited a businessman’s shop and tricked him to give them the money promising to demonstrate something. They have been conning people under the guise of selling SIM cards,” said Mr Arome.SHAME ON THEM! Two Female Thieves Stripped and Lynched by an Angry Mob (Photos) 1
The police boss said the officers who rescued them salvaged the torn clothes with which they wrapped themselves. Mr Arome urged members of public to stop engaging in mob justice and report the matters to police for prosecution.
A third accomplice escaped during the 5.30pm incident. The suspects are being held at the Embu Police Station


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