Omg! Man Jumps to His Death From Court Window After Being Sentenced To 13 Years In Jail (Photos)

A man who had just been sentenced to serve a prison term, has reacted by doing doing serious harm to himself.

The man identified as Jason Binkiewicz, has killed himself.
The Ohio man who drunkenly shot another man in the face jumped to his death Friday, leaping out of a courthouse window just moments after he was handed a 13-year prison sentence.
According to NY Daily News, Binkiewicz,a 42-year-old, broke free from officials ushering him out of the Jefferson County courtroom Friday morning after his sentencing hearing.
Omg! Man Jumps to His Death from Court Window After Being Sentenced to 13 Years in Jail (Photos)1
WTOV reports that the attempted murderer fell from the third floor and died.
It’s not clear how he was able to escape from the guards’ grasp.
Binkiewicz was found guilty earlier this year for a November 2015 shooting in Newtown. Police said he was drunk when he went to Ronald Horton’s home and shot the man in his jaw.


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