‘I Wake Up and Have Odd Marks on My Body. What are these?’

Someone has a very strange and unusual problem. He is dealing with the things they cannot explain and such stuff scares him.

He need your help, maybe you know the answer to their trouble! Read below;

“I have had unexplained scratches, strange bruises, and possible burn marks. I have also had very fine, laser-straight parallel scratches under my right eye which disappeared within hours. I live in a clean house with no pets and shower every day. I’m not religious. All the marks pass away within a few days and do not hurt. I do dream about giant demonic looking creatures (tall with gladiator-like human bodies and vile dog-like heads), but in the dreams, I’m not afraid and find myself to be stronger and quicker and fend them off very easily. According to my partner, I’m a heavy sleeper and a right git to wake up, so I don’t think the marks are self-inflicted. Some are right in the middle of my back where I couldn’t reach. Maybe they’re psychosomatic.” No wonder people like that are asking such questions:
“What does it mean?”

“Why is it happening?”

“Who else is it happening to?”

“Am I crazy, or is this real?”

“What can I do to stop this?”

Here is one possible explanation of why such things happen. We all live in two worlds. The one we see with our own eyes, the physical one. The other one is spiritual. We cannot see it, but it is there. And we can become voluntary or involuntary participants of its life and activities. Bible tells us that demons are real, and these spirits are evil, too. And they can come as the angels of light. “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11:14‘I Wake Up and Have Odd Marks on My Body. What are these 1

At first, these creatures that appear in the dreams or visions may seem to be friendly, but then they cause emotional, spiritual and even physical damage. Share your experience and opinion in the comments’ section to help our reader!


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