3 Major Causes Of Road Accident In Nigeria And Tips To Prevent Them

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The rapid rate of road accidents in Nigeria is seen as another day in the office- the recurring disaster has resulted in the deaths of many.

Naijaloaded Highlights Three Main Causes Of Road Accidents In Nigeria and Tips To Prevent Them:


1) Over speeding:

This is obviously the major cause of road accidents in Nigeria by a margin.

When you “Over speed”, you’re forcing an engine to go beyond its design limit, and the result is mostly catastrophic.

80% of the cases of road mishaps in Nigeria are as a result of reckless driving and over speeding.

Tips: Drive carefully and respect the speed limit signs.

2) Brake failure:

Break failure is an extremely dangerous occurrence when a vehicle fails to stop after break has been applied.

This term is familiar with the heavy-duty vehicles, though smaller vehicles are not spared.

Tips: Make sure the brake pad is good and the brake fluid is good.

3) Bad Weather:

If the weather is bad; especially during a torrential downpour, chances are a road accident may probably happen due to poor visibility for the driver and road slipperiness.

Rain affects the ability to see properly through the car windshield.

Tips: Don’t ever trust your wipers to do the job. If you happen to be driving and visibility is poor where you have no awareness of cars, it is better to park your vehicle till the weather improves.

You have got one life.

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