Horror as Part of Plane’s Engine Falls Off In Air (Photos)

Horror as part of Southwest Airlines Flight 3472 from New Orleans to Orlando plane’s engine Falls off while thousands of feet in the air. 

Passengers have described the terror they endured when part of a plane’s engine was ripped off thousands of feet in the air Mirror UK report

The airline was forced to make an emergency landing after the heart-stopping high-altitude malfunction this morning.

An Oklahoma mum, who was travelling with her husband and their three children – who are 5 and 7, and a baby – described the moment she she heard a boom outside the Boeing 737 plane.Horror as Part of Plane's Engine Falls Off In Air (Pohtos) 2

“It was just a big explosion. There was some smoke and then nothing,” she told KOCO 5.

“I saw parts flapping in the wind because it was right outside my window.”

“I held my kids, and one was freaking out, crying. And so, we’re trying to hold his hand and singing and praying a lot,” she said.

“I had my faith in God, so I knew that whatever was going to happen, He was with us,” the mother said. “So I was able to stay calm. It wasn’t until after I got on the ground that I got emotional.”


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