Help! She Saved My Number As Mark Pop Corn


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My name is Mark. I am 26-years old.

There is this girl I am madly inlove with in my University.

I spend a lot of money on her from her clothes, to food and materials for her courses.

Whenever my Dad sends my monthly allowance, I divide the money into two for me and her.

I also make it a routine of buying Pop Corn for her to read whenever we are going to class together to study.

Now I’m not sure she really loves me as she always says.

I gave her some money last week to buy meat from the market and I went to her place since I have a spare key. I couldn’t find my phone so I used the infinix phone I bought for her to try to flash my number.

Naijalodities, to my surprise!!!!! My number was dialing as Mark Pop Corn!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was shocked. I didn’t confront her about it because I really love and care about this girl.

Please what should I do cause I’m worried she doesn’t love me?

Help! She Saved My Number As Mark Pop Corn on Naijaloaded |/a>.


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