Crazy Stunt! Woman Finaly Dies After Pastor Put A Big Speaker On Top Of Her To Prove God’s Power (Photos)

We  published a story about a pastor who placed a huge speaker on a woman to perform a miracle, in that post, it was reported that the woman fainted but latter regained consciousness, read what has become the woman few days after the incident according to The Nairobi.

The controversial South African pastor and founder of the Mount Zion General Assembly church was  teaching congregates about the demonstration of power and was trying to emphasize that if Jesus could walk on water, then he too could do anything with the power of faith.

To get his point across, Rabalango invited a young woman from the crowd to take part in a real-life miracle. He asked her to lie down on the floor and then ordered his ushers to pick up a giant speaker and lay it on top of her body.

As if the speaker wasn’t already heavy enough, Pastor Rabalango climbed on top of it to add even more pressure to the woman’s body. In one of the pictures obtained by local media, the controversial man of faith can be seen sitting on the large speaker, looking down at woman and talking into a microphone.

Throughout the ordeal, the victim of this terrible miracle attempt remained suspiciously quiet and still, but no one bothered to check if she was alright.

Crazy stunts

After about five minutes, Lethebo had the ushers remove the speaker and asked the woman to rise. It was only then that everyone realized she had passed out during the ordeal.

Strange World! Girl Faints After S.African Pastor Put a Big Speaker on Top of Her to Prove God’s Power (Photos)2

After being given first aid treatment by fellow congregates, the unnamed woman regained consciousness, but started complaining of a broken rib and was taken to the hospital. Jacaranda FM, a South African independent radio station, reported that the woman later died due to severe internal bleeding.

That’s terrible news, but worse still is Lethebo Rabalango’s reaction to her death. After being confronted about his deranged miracle attempt, he actually accused her of having so little faith that she couldn’t withstand such a simple task. Speaking like a true man of God, indeed…

We’ve seen some crazy stunts pulled by African pastors before, like having congregates eat grass to get closer to God, making them eat human hair, or selling anointed pens for exams, but Rabalango’s failed miracle is undoubtedly the most disturbing


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