What’s Your Style – Ladies?

By Janet Adetu

As we move from being a toddler to a young giggling girl, a teenage diva right through to becoming a glamorous woman, we all begin to discover our own style of dressing. From the love of the color pink, florals, frills and dainty hairstyles, some of us have always had it in us the want to look good. Style is eternal they say while fashion comes and goes. It is a woman’s pride to look stylish.


As a young girl grows she becomes aware of her likes and dislikes and what works for her. Some people are born with instinctive good style, while others develop their own through practice, experimenting and exposure. A number of people are quite shy to express themselves and would rather not be noticed, they give off the thoughts that standing out makes them look as if they are somewhat showing off. Whatever your style you should be happy, confident and exert a positive attitude. Your style should be a good expression of your goals in life, personality, character and lifestyle.

Why feel shy in your clothes, diminishing your self-esteem when you can shine like a diamond, have a spring in your step and feel good about yourself. People will feel more attracted to a confident person, you will impact them more and cultivate better relationships.

Have you discovered your personal style or do you feel comfortable buying the same things year in year out regardless of fashion or style. Are you a fashion freak, following the latest fashion as it comes out or are you very conventional, feeling comfortable in repeated styles?

Have you taken stock of your wardrobe recently?

  • Do you have a lot of unwanted clothes?
  • Do you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time?
  • Are you stocking outdated clothes above 5 years?

How would you describe your style?

Style comes with changing times and changing fashion trends; but inspite of the time of the day or year there is a style that you can associate yourself with that is unique to you. You may be glamorous, fashionable, loud, modern or simply a moderate dresser, whether you realize it or not people associate you with your style.

What is your style and how do you express it?

Your style will always depict your personality. You are either dramatic; elegant classic, romantic, natural or creative. One of these style traits will be dominant with traces of other styles that may befit your environment, occasion, time of day or program.


Characteristic Traits of Styles for Woman


  • You like being the center of attention
  • Your level of confidence is high.
  • You are always in control
  • Your colour sense is strong
  • You love feeling energetic and excited
  • You are proud about your looks.
  • You are always on point.
  • You may be seen as a fashionista.



  • You have poise and radiance.
  • Your clothes spell rich and chic, quality being of essence
  • At times you may appear to intimidate others with your high status look
  • Your look is seamless and powerful
  • Your style is timeless
  • Your colors are elegant like pink, monochromatic, cream, black, grey.



  • Your look is usually business like
  • You look organized and neat.
  • You command respect and look credible
  • At times you may appear boring, non-creative
  • You may appear older.
  • Your garments are current, structured and official
  • Your prominent colours are black, grey, blue or white.
  • Your clothing is usually well tailored



  • You are feminine and captivating
  • You walk gracefully
  • You are more into florals, bows and frills
  • Your fabrics are usually dainty, free flowing and light.
  • You give off an appeal and homely demeanor
  • Your look is more friendly and approachable


  • As a natural person you are free and fabulous.
  • You are comfortable in casual wears like jeans and a T-shirt.
  • Your personality is quite friendly and informal.
  • Your color scheme is more of natural less bold attractive colors.
  • Your personality requires that you are not restricted, or a fashion follower
  • You are comfortable in being the natural you.



  • You are big, bold and brave when it comes to expressing yourself.
  • You like to wear a multitude of colors;
  • You are less coordinated and you enjoy trying new pattern that express your artistic nature.
  • You have a creative imagination same as style that is unique and unconventional.
  • You also have a dramatic way of doing things that expresses your feelings and thoughts.
  • Your color scheme can sometimes appear outrageous


  1. Identify your favorite look
  2. Discover your unique style
  3. Coordinate your colors well
  4. Wear clothes that fit well.
  5. Strut your style with confidence.

Have you been able to place yourself into one of these styles? You may fit easily into one or have a mix of more than one just to form the unique you. Whatever your style, it is not about your pocket or how expensive that outfit is. The way you ensemble your clothes says lot about you. It is important to note though that as you grow in life your tastes also change and so will your style. Your style can be adjustable and altered when needed. Let your style evolve as you evolve be the diamond you want to be!

Good Luck!


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