Our P-H crusade is contact point to bring peace to N/Delta – Primate Ayodele

By Bashir Adefaka
rimate Elijah Babatunde  Ayodele,  Spiritual Leader of  INRI Spiritual and Evangelical Church, Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos, appears set to make possible his promised mobilization of 30,000 prophets to pray for Nigeria as he storms Port Harcourt this Thursday August 25, 2016 with a crusade he tagged, “The Power of the Word,” meaning in local language of the location state “Ike no na okwu Chineke.”   In this interview he tells Vanguard that crusade will be contact point to bring prince to Niger Delta even as he spoke other issues bothering how PDP is far on its path to extinction and rest.   Excerpts:

You are known for saying you are sad whenever your negative prophecy comes to past.   How do you feel with Nigerian Dream Team not lifting the Olympic trophy, which you had talked about?

Primate Ayodele
Primate Ayodele

Well the thing is that, I don’t talk negative because there is nothing that is called negative prophecy.   Prophecy is warning against a looming danger and if you are able to guard against the danger after the warning, good for you.   Now, what I want to say is that this government will agree that there is corruption in all sectors of the country.   Let Solomon Dalung be removed and Amaju Pinnick must be sent on suspension with immediate effect because now they have disgraced the football federation of Nigeria.

I warned Pinnick ahead of time and I sent him a letter for Nigeria not to lose and now, look at what has happened wasting our money even at a time that government is even talking about economic problem in the country.   People like Fani Amun, Taiwo Ogunjobi, let them come on board.   These are the people who have what it takes to take Nigeria to a greater height talking of sports in Nigeria, not Dalung, not Pinnick.   State of emergency should be declared immediately in the sports sector because football unites and brings us together.   If you want to capture Nigerians to understanding you, then use football to do so.   If Dalung and Pinnick are not removed now as minister and NFF boss respectively, our football will collapse.   They are not competent to be there.

You also talked about state of the economy that Nigerian oil would dry in some years coming…?

(Cuts in) It was since 2012 that it was revealed that Nigerian government would diversify the economy and that the oil of the country would dry in ten years time. I said although some states would be lucky to have oil but that it would not be as booming as expected.   Some people would query, what is he talking about?   But people who could read things knew what I was talking about and we have had millions of such people telling us to keep it up.   We are national prophets because in Nigeria today we have national prophets and we have pastors.   Prophet is different from pastor.   Pastors cannot see except that they use their Bible to make some prophecies.   A prophet will come out and speak the mind of God and say this is what the Lord says.

Solutions Buhari can proffer to economic problems

Now, we are still going to have trouble in our economy and I have five solutions that God has revealed to me and I will release two.  Solution number one, except Buhari change his economic team and take right and bold step to reorganize NNPC.   It is not even agriculture that will give us money because there is something that will give us money which has not been worked upon.   All of this, God has revealed.   When Egypt wanted to go into recession in the Bible, God revealed to Pharaoh what he should do before he now went to look for somebody to interpret it. That is all I will say at the moment, otherwise, dollar will rise to N600 to one dollar.   Number two there is a wrong in the CBN, Central Bank of Nigeria, which the government has to correct.   If they follow these ideas, you will see what is going to happen.   Nigeria can still borrow and if we borrow we are in trouble.   Despite all the money they say we are collecting, it will still not be enough.   What will solve the problem is prayer merged with solution steps because prayer alone without solution steps can’t get us anywhere.   So, it is time the government should listen to prophet because prophet is part of security intelligence because he will tell you the exact thing that is going to come up.   Let get the mind of God and ask, what do we really do?   That is the way to go.

You said President would defeat Boko Haram but that after Boko Haram another terrorist group would spring up which would be worse than Boko Haram. With Niger Delta Avengers now tagged economic terrorists, are we in it already?

In 2013, I said if Jonathan left the throne that Boko Haram would subside but that new militants would spring up in the Niger Delta.   I have it your paper, I have it everywhere. I ask myself questions about the NSA, National Security Adviser and other security agencies, what have they been doing?   They read newspapers their own is to follow it and when there is time for questioning they question.   Now, the worse deadly avengers are still coming and mind you, terrorism is not yet over in Nigeria.   That is the reason the President must now quickly dialogue with the main avengers.   And don’t forget, a terrorist group is coming from Iran to cause problem for Nigeria.   Government should work ahead of it because I am saying as the Lord has revealed it to me.

You said something about the two major political parties.   What is the message?

APC must be very careful so that they would not crack.   The people that want to crack APC are already within the party.   They are in the party to cause trouble for it and I am telling you, Buhari second term will be very dicey.   APC must do a proper cleansing of their fold so that they will not break into two factions and that is why before they do their convention they must be watchful.

PDP issue is in two ways.   If they want to get out of their present problem, let them go and change their logo.   And the only person that take PDP to wherever they want to go is Bode Olajumoke.   I don’t care what anybody say about me on this and I don’t know Bode Olajumoke.   If you put anybody else, PDP will die completely like the AD of those days.   And if the PDP governors are not careful they will lose their seats to APC.   I can see another party coming from APC, another party coming from PDP that will register a new party that will contest against APC in 2019.   There will be Northern agenda that will cause the crack in APC.   That is where the problem will start.   And don’t forget the CPC agenda.

What about ACN agenda in APC?

Heem, I have not seen anything about that.

What about Ghana which you spoke about?

John Dramani Mahmah, before he became President of Ghana, was just like Joyce Hilda Banda of Malawi.   I was in Malawi for three days for a crusade planned for 10,000 people ended up having over 13,000 people present and God told me that Joyce Banda would become the President of Malawi.   I told her, Banda, the Lord told me that you will become President of Malawi.   Hearing that, she ran inside the house in surprise.   I have evidence to show that I was the first person that told Joyce Banda that she would become President of Malawi, which she truly became in 2012 before she died in 2014.   Now, as for President Mahmah of Ghana, despite all odds, he will still retain his seat in next election for the second term but his second term will be faced with a lot of challenges.

You are storming Port Harcourt this week for a crusade.  What for?

The crusade is a contact point to bring peace to the Niger Delta.   At the forthcoming election in Rivers State we don’t bloodshed, we want peace.   We are not inviting everybody.   We are inviting only those that that are interested and believe in the Mighty God’s ministration and the words of prophets to come.   We are not talking about Church at the crusade, whatever your denomination, what is important is bring peace to the Niger Delta.   We are saying that in Port Harcourt and the entire Niger Delta, there will be peace and no more bombing.

Our P-H crusade is contact point to bring peace to N/Delta – Primate Ayodele on Vanguard News.


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