Kogi, building strong anti-corruption structures- Governor’s aide

The Chief Press Secretary to the Kogi State Governor, Kingsley Fanwo has dismissed allegations of graft against the Governor, Yahaya Bello, saying the Governor is building anti-corruption platforms in all government ministries, agencies and departments.

Kingsley Fanwo
Kingsley Fanwo

Fanwo said the allegations were sponsored by people who are ignorant of happenings in the State.

Addressing a group of select journalists after a Kogi Concerned Group meeting in Abuja, Fanwo said the Governor is “totally against corruption”.

The spokesman said those allegations were unsubstantiated as they were figments of the sponsors’ imagination.

He said: “We have read those allegations by some faceless groups and we have decided to concentrate on building the dream of the Governor for a great Confluence State. We are conscious of the fact that opponents of the present administration have been jolted by the progress the Governor is making. Governor Yahaya Bello is changing the face of governance in the State.

“Government is monitoring ongoing road projects across the state to ensure that the people derive value for money. More road rehabilitation contracts will also be awarded soon. The Governor has said he would only award contracts for the projects covered in the 2016 budget, except in cases of emergency.

“The Ministry of Finance and also the Ministry of Budget are collaborating effectively to ensure fiscal discipline and good budget performance. Due process were followed in awarding all of the contracts”.

Fanwo also said the Ministry of Environment has been strengthened to provide enough capacity to deal with issues concerning the environment and hygiene, saying Kogi is now one of the states working towards a cleaner and safer environment.

“Our Commissioner for Environment is one of the most resourceful around. She has given spine to the New Direction drive for a saner, cleaner and safer environment. Kogi is poised to tackle environmental hazards and possible flooding. The flooding that devastated the Kabba community over the weekend is receiving prompt attention from government”.

When asked about the allegations of fraud against the Governor and some key officials in his government, the spokesman of the Governor said the allegations were “untrue, malicious, ludicrous and unintelligent”, saying they were “feeble constructions by people who are intimidated by the giant strides of the present administration in the State”.

“I do not want to go into details because I know some of these cases are already in court. Our image is not at stake, what is at stake is the credibility of newspapers that publish unfounded stories. The Government of Kogi State is one of the most transparent in the country”, he said.

Fanwo accused the sponsors of the allegations of corruption as “fathomable Liars and architects of falsehood”, saying the Governor cannot be distracted from his laudable projects and programs for the development of the State.

“I have said it before and I will say it again, that the desperation is exasperated by the upcoming Supreme Court hearing and judgement. They did the same before the Lower Tribunal judgement. They repeated it prior to the Appellate Court judgement. Now, they have started their wild goose chase thinking the Supreme Court will buy into their blackmail. Governor Yahaya Bello is unmoved by the evil propaganda against his government. Truth is constant”.

He said workers who were yet to be paid were those who had issues to clear with the screening committee, assuring that those who were able to prove their cases will be cleared and promptly paid as the government of Alh. Yahaya Bello is committed to the welfare and efficiency of the civil service as “partners in delivering the quickwins of the New Direction Agenda”.

Kogi, building strong anti-corruption structures- Governor’s aide on Vanguard News.


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