Buhari is overwhelmed by challenges—Pastor Akanbi

While Nigerians are hoping that current efforts by President Muhammadu Buhari to wipe out corruption will soon yield positive dividends, General Overseer of God’s Mercy Revival Ministries, Pastor James Akanbi has said that the president is confused and incapable of handling the challenges. Speaking in an interview with OLAYINKA LATONA during the church’s 17th annual power conference themed: “God of new creations”, Pastor Akanbi insisted that corruption cannot be easily eradicated just as he said the current challenges can only be tackled if Nigerians seek divine intervention and desist from seeking change from mortal men. Excerpts…

Nigerians who voted for change in 2015 are currently lamenting that decision. What is God’s saying to Nigerians at a time like this?

pastor Akanbi
pastor Akanbi

I think God has said what He wanted to say but human beings may not comprehend. God said we were complaining about inflation last year, that we will see inflation afresh this year. When I was told the price of rice was hovering between N15,000 and N18,000, I said that was a confirmation of God’s word. God spoke but men did not understand.

Having said that, government all over the world, is a continuum and in every nonsense there is a sence. I know that God can still rescue this nation if the people can adhere to simple instruction. For example, as a church we never thought of going into farming but we have just acquired about 50 hectares of land for farming because of the spiralling inflation. If we are not careful, a dollar may soon exchange for N500. It is simple economics.

Is our current predicament man-made?

It’s an amalgamation of several factors that we were unable to take care of before now. Any wise person would have behaved like the ant that knows how to work for Winter during Summer. That is where we missed it. We didn’t save for the rainy day. Corruption at state and federal levels did not give room for sovereign wealth that they are talking about.

What inspired the theme of this year’s conference?

God made us to understand that if we are waiting on our nation to change the people, we will not get anything; but you can make His principle and power to give them a new life in the old setting. There are people that can use divine power and principles to change their own life, even when the rest of the world will be in trouble.

Where do you see this ministry going?

We are yet to start because God showed me recently that we are still at the foundation level with just 75 branches in 17 years. In my bedroom, there is a Reinhard Bonnke’s revival picture to remind me that I have done nothing with the crowd in the picture. We are just in eight nations now! God showed me several flags when we were about to start the ministry and I believe we are going to be there.

The church’s corporate social responsibility…

Recently the church embarked on construction of Alaka Lakonko Road. We also donated some amount of money to Idimu Division of Nigeria Police Force to assist in building the conference centre of the Police Divison. The church also gave an award to Superintendent Fayemi Solomon Adebayo of Idimu Division for his integrity and honesty in discharging his duty. We were surprised that we can still find such wonderful Police officers in the Police Force.

Message for the nation

The individual Nigerian should get close to God so that He will show us where our treasure is. God said: “I will hold you by your right hand to show you the treasure of the darkness”. It is only God that can show us the treasure of this land. President Buhari is even confused. He doesn’t know what next to do. The dynamics now is beyond what he can grapple with. He has said it that he never knew that things had been this bad and unfortunately, he has old theories. He has yesteryears understanding and which cannot cope with modern day trend.

Corruption cannot go easily like that they are still devising new methods of corruption, as Mr. President is blocking the old routes of corruption, they are devising new methods. If God does not change the hearts of people, nobody can change their ways.


Buhari is overwhelmed by challenges—Pastor Akanbi on Vanguard News.


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