I will never pay for international collaborations – Olamide

Self-acclaimed king of the streets, Olamide Adedeji, aka ‘Olamide’ has told his fans not to expect seeing him in an international collaboration anytime soon, because he is not willing and will never pay for an international collaboration.


The Who u epp rapper who made the disturbing disclosure during a recent interview, believes that international collaboration is not a necessary criteria for him to succeed   or to remain relevant as an artiste in the Nigerian music industry.

He stressed his passion for street music and emphasized the fact that since his debut, his music has appealed to all generations in and out of Nigeria and Africa, therefore he needs no international collaboration to remain relevant.

“I will never pay for an international collaboration, Fela never did any international collaboration neither did he lobby or pay for any international collaboration, and his music went as far as all over the world.


He was relevant while alive and even after his death, his music was much sought after, so why would I want to pay for an international collaboration because I want to remain relevant in the music industry”, Olamide stated.

I will never pay for international collaborations – Olamide on Vanguard News.


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