Shocking As University Students Involved in Outrageous Wild S*x Exposed on Facebook (Photos)

H*RNY university students have been exposed online on an outrageous Facebook page.

The page, Village Party Central 2016, revealed people n*ked, romping and even urinating in shocking photos.

Most of those pictured had no knowledge of the photos, which typically attracted a storm of sexually explicit comments.Shocking As University Students Involved in Outrageous Wild Sx Exposed on Facebook (Photos) 2

Now the page, which boasted more than 900 members and was run by other students, has been shut down by Facebook.

Grapeshot, a student paper at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, revealed its graphic contents.

“Some videos contained footage of students participating in sexual acts, public urination and nudity,” it said.

Viewers would then try to identify those pictured, commenting “NTV” or name that villager, a reference to Macquarie University Village.

A number of s had been reported to Facebook and removed for violating its terms and conditions, Aussie media revealed.


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