Is there anything wrong with CDQ’s Album Cover?



Life is all dazzlingly for rapper CDQ

After the collaboration of the popular street hit song ‘Indomie’ favored his craft; he capitalized on the success with some songs and now he is set to drop an album- Almost the perfect twilight story.

However, all that glitters is not gold, eh?

After the 31-year old released the Album Cover for his upcoming album, it was garnished with mixed reception.

Few praised the rapper’s dapper look complimented with a neat hair-cut, while others, well, were not kind.





The bulk load of the criticism, as Naijaloaded saw, was on the Album Cover itself, with many suggesting the photo was poorly edited and the background color was simply mundane.

The back cover of the album didn’t escape scrutiny either.




Many blasted the inexcusable errors in spellings: Benie Macaulay was written as Bennie Macaulay, and sound engineer Zeeno Foster was coined to Foster Zion.

So this question is now directed to Naijaloadities.

Is there anything wrong with CDQ’s Album Cover?

Is there anything wrong with CDQ’s Album Cover? on Naijaloaded |/a>.


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