Meet The Woman Who Had 8kg Fibroid Tumor Removed From Her Stomach (Photo)

2016 and mi tummy started bulging at such a rate of making me look n feel pregnant…it was a constant embarrassment to be called “iya ibeji” especially when i go to d market.
I went for a scan after much promting by family n friends and to d shock of d sanograher who dis d scan(thinking i was dir for a pregnant scan)exclaimed @ d size of d fibriod while asking if i did no i was “pregnant” with it!!..I smiled and he adviced n pleaded i take it out as d size of d fibriod has literally shifted mi womb n any chancecbo of conceiving😞
Meet The Woman Who Had 8kg Fibroid Tumor Removed From Her Stomach 2
Went to several hospitals both private n d general hospitals for diagnosis and best option was to undergo surgery to get it. The least cost for the surgery being at 250k(excluding tests..blood transfusion,drugs n of cos hospital bill)
I prayed..checked mi acct, borrowed n begged friends/ family to raise d moni i needed n to God b d glory Sunday 7th of Aug at about 4pm, i put on make-up n bounced into BLuebell hospital theater for d surgery.(yes ooo..devil didn’t stand a chance not when i already received Jesus in communion @ 6:15am mass😋😁) The 2nd pix shows me still unconsious after d surgery (i came to at about 11:30pm same day)
4 fibriod was taken out wit d largest weightin about 8kg!!(mi daughter weighed 3.5kg @ birth)
I give God the glory😘😍.I ave bin discharged n recupurating @ home(no need increasing mi gbese😉😁 wit hospital stay)
Mi tummy bulge has drastically reduced and cant wait to dance b4 d lord with mi songs of praise. praise God with me mi IGfam …bcos i am short of accolades to shower him.
Thank you to tru friends who stood by me..i will dedicate a different post just to appreciate you all..I love u!!!😍😘 #omeiheokwu #Jesusmyhealer #survivour #doublesurvivour”
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