Help! My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Me With My Dad


From A Concerned Naijalodite

I really don’t know where to start because I’m frustrated and angry. I made a mistake that will continue to hunt me for the rest of my life.

I didn’t have a perfect relationship with my father growing up. He left my mum for another woman when I was only 6-years old. He was 25-years old and my mum was barely 20 when they had me.

He had told my mum to abort the pregnancy but my mum’s family sweared to kill her if she aborted the pregnancy. So she kept the baby without his knowledge.

When she finally gave birth, my dad had no choice but to assume his father role and considering he was from a rich family, he didn’t have issues taking care of me and my mum.

However, his family brought a second wife for him, accusing my mum of being a witch.

He finally dumped my mum for this woman.

I grew older and independent. Without a father. Tired of the shame of not knowing who my dad was, I threatened to kill my mum if she doesn’t show me where he lives.

She gave me an address, and I decided to pay him a visit with my fiancé to show him how I have become a man of my own, without him.

We arrived and he was really surprised and happy to see me. After pleasantries, I introduced my fiancé to him and they both got talking.

What made me curious that day was my Dad asked for the number of my wife in my presence. I thought it was only a father-son’s wife relationship. Little did I know that the devil called my father was planning a sexual relationship with my beautiful wife to be.

I kept talking and checking up on my father after that day and we were slowly starting to bond.

Oneday after coming back from work, a message popped up on my fiancé Iphone. She came to stay with me for the weekend and was in the kitchen cooking.

I was shocked! When I saw “We must see on Sunday. I miss you.” text on a number saved as Friend 222.

I decided to store the number on my phone before she entered the room, but while doing that, my phone sent a warning that the number already exist on my phone, I traced it and found out it was my father’s number. I almost collapsed.

I pretended all was well and took the phone to the kitchen for her that a friend was asking when next they will see. She was visibly shocked but regain composure and said it was one of her female friends that wanted her to paint her nails.

She left my house on Sunday at about 01:02pm and I quickly drove my second car close to my dad’s house.

I waited for hours and saw no trace of her. I already gave up and was preparing to go home when at around 07:00pm, I saw my wife entering my Father’s compound.

I was devastated. It was the worst defeat in my life. How can Kemi be cheating on me with my father. How can my father be sleeping with my wife to be.

I summoned courage and knocked on the gate. The gateman was shocked to see me. I gave him 4,000 naira to tell me the truth of what he knows between my wife and my father.

He confessed that Madam (my Father’s second wife) is currently in Dubai and since that first time we came, my wife has been coming to the house even when Madam is around, but he would sneak her to boys quarter where my father will eventually see her.

They have been having an affair since that day and my Father boasts to him of how my wife to be is good in bed. He also bought a car and many gifts.

I already sent a message to my wife that I already know what is happening and told her not to come back to my house.

She called me and has been crying that it was the devil that pushed her into it.

The thing is I love this woman so much and I am prepared to still marry her if she completely cuts off any contact with my dad.

I’m so confused and don’t know what to do. Any advice?

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