13 Things Women Say And What They Actually Mean (Photos)

It’s an accepted fact that women speak in codes, more like 1’s and o’s, just like computers.

What they say have different meanings and it will take them to explain, this is why men are usually warned to avoid arguments with women.

But we’ve done the work for you, here’re the common things women say and what they actually mean. Thank us later.

1. Never Mind

This means you’re too stupid to understand.

Never Mind

2. It Doesn’t Matter

It really matters and she’s just pretending.

It Doesn’t Matter


3. Use Your Judgement

It means she doesn’t want to tell you what to do but do whatever you want to do, when things get messy, she will have every reason to tell you, “I told you so”.


Use Your Judgement

4. Complains About Almost Everything

She’s on her period.

Complains About Almost Everything


5. Wait! What!!

When you hear this, it means you’re in for trouble and she expects you to reverse your statement and go through it line by line to see your own mess.



6. I’m Tired, I’m going to sleep

Means you just pissed her off and she can’t stand you


I’m Tired, I’m going to sleep

7. What Do You Mean

Means you’re wrong so shut up already.

ehh gif


8. I don’t get it

You’re obviously wrong



9. I don’t want to Talk About it

We’re both wrong but I’m not admiting it

oprah-shocked gif


10. Do What You Want

Actually means you should do what she wants

Image: MovieFone


11. Why Would I Be Mad

Means she is mad and you should see it

headache gif


12. I’m Tired

Means no shenanigans tonight

monique smh gif


13. I’m Fine

No!!! She’s not!! in Chris Rock’s voice.

nene gif


14. Awww!!! I like that.

Actually, means never ever forget that moment and make sure you repeat again and again.

What Women Say And What They Actually Mean


15. You and Your Lady Friend Are So Cute

She’s jealous of her

What Women Say And What They Actually Mean




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