[Review] The Signs Begin To Look Good For “Jos To The World” Album By Ice Prince


Ice Prince has his third studio album steaming and ready to be unveiled. He writes about it, tweets it at every turn, shares pictures when he feels the urge to connect, and sometimes when he isn’t exactly in the mood, something drops to give us all refreshed hope in the project.

This year hasn’t exactly been kind to the rapper. After having a decent 2015 where the “Trash Can” EP and couple of videos kept him ticking the relevant boxes in the music industry, he snagged time with ROC Nation to discuss a deal that brought him the photo with Jay Z. The single ‘Boss’ kept his name in the clubs and parties, while ‘Feelings’ showed off his Trap exterior, and also shoved his girlfriend, Maima Nkewa into our noses.
So it was no surprise when drama came from the relationship department this year. His girlfriend was accused of cheating on him, and the news mill gave him good coverage of the events. Ice Prince came out unreservedly defending his love. So heroic.

In the music department, he hasn’t fared either. ROC Nation kept their deal to themselves, at least publicly, and showered the attention on Don Jazzy’s Tiwa Savage who has signed up with them on a management deal. His plans for a new album had hit the wrong note with his first single ‘Chike’, which was deemed unoriginal. Ice Prince was in the music wilderness right now. That lonely, cold and infertile creative place where there is no sun, joy and inspiration. The rapper is feeling the blues and Nigeria had found him out.
But he came out of it, and in style too.

A new song, ‘Exceellency’ featuring South African DJ Buckz has pop hit written all over it. But it is the preview of ‘Teardrops’, a song off his “Jos To The World” album that has people throwing him back their love and their support. Ice Prince had dug into his creative arsenal, and came out with introspection. The video preview kept everything on a premium level.

Now fans are excited again.

Fandom in Nigeria is a fickle business, with the rapper actively judged by what’s on the table, not what has been done in the past. Previous works give an artiste celebrity status, but it is his constant releases of genius that keeps that fire burning bright, and maintains the goodwill. Ice Prince has clawed back into the good graces of a lot of fans with a song and a preview. This has made his album easier to anticipate, and keep fingers crossed.

But the jury is still out. Ice Prince has flattered to deceive in the past, and many aren’t biting his bullet this time, hoping that he impresses with a solid LP, but also not giving away their stance so easily. Until the work drops.

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