Pope Francis Pays A Surprise Visit To Former Prostitutes. You Won’t Believe His Reasons…( Photos)


Pope Francis paid a surprise visit to 20 former prostitutes, includingseven Nigerians, on Friday.The women all aged about 30 told the Pope about their lives of forced prostitutionThe 266th and current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has surprised 20 former prostitutes rescued from their pimps and are being given shelter and protection at an apartment run by a Catholic charity in Italy’s capital, by popping in for a visit at their safe house in Rome. According to the BBC, the pontiff for more than an hour, sat down and had a chat with the women, some trafficked from Africa and elsewhere in Europe, including seven Nigerians, six Romanians, four Albanians, one Italian, Tunisian and one from Ukraine, and listened to their stories of forced prostitution, the Vatican said.‎


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