I was very happy to get off the phone with Shade. She sounds a changed person. Changed or not, I still want to get closer to her. She was one of my crush when we were still in school then. All my mind was drifted to Shade when my sister brought in my dinner. It’s semolina and ewedu.

Me: (smiling) my wife… I know that you would be very happy to see me back.
Funmilayo: (smiling) yes oooo… I missed you
Me: me too… Especially your pecks..

She moved over and stylishly gave me a peck. She sat down with me while I eats my food. She told me what Ruka told her about me. I just kept quiet and pretended not being happy.

Me: (smiling) is it true she said those things?
Funmilayo: (voice serious) she dint ask me to tell you but I just feel like letting you know. Please don’t let her know that I discussed it with you.
Me: (smiling) okay… she said that she still loves me but a part of her said that my heart already belongs to another person.
Funmilayo: do you love Bidemi that much?
Me: Don’t know but I felt really bad about what happened the other day and I don’t want such things to happen again.
Funmilayo: so what do you intend doing about it?
Me: trying to stay away from both of them. I still have motunrayo, remember.
Funmilayo: (smiling) yes… it’s been long that I heard of her. hope she’s fine?
Me: yes she is.. she always ask of you. She intended coming today: if not because of the incident.
Funmilayo: (excited) when is she coming now?
Me: I don’t want her to come over now…Bidemi and Ruka might get to see her and I don’t want any more trouble. I’m Still recovering.

We both laughing when my phone rang. It’s Bidemi. I picked.

Me: hello Bidemi…
Bidemi: hello Femi… we are on our way home now. I just want to know if you are still up: so that we could branch to say hello.

I managed to convince her not to come: that I had just taken my night drugs. She ended the call after telling me that their dad might be discharged on Saturday.
I’m feeling sleepy. I asked my sister to help me with my drugs. I took it and my sister helped me with the plates. The drugs started having effect on me. I was drowsy but still managed to say hello to my dad when he entered my room. It’s been long he entered here. I slept off.
I woke up around 7:30am on Wednesday morning. I feel very happy and much healthy. It’s really good to be back home. I walked out of my room and headed straight to the kitchen. I was surprised when I met Funmilayo on my way there.

Funmilayo: Good morning brother Femi. How is your health now?
Me: (smiling) good morning… I’m much better now. Don’t tell me that there’s no school today?
Funmilayo: there’s…. Mummy instructed me to babysits you.

We both laughed. I knew that Chidinma would soon be here. I rushed to the bathroom for my morning duties. I dressed up and Funmilayo served me with Pap and moimoi. She is truly babysitting me. I ate my breakfast and I took my drugs. I stretched myself on one of the couches: I slept off.
I woke up around 11am. It seems the drugs is meant to make me go blind. I always sleep anytime I took them. I yawned and I looked around. It’s a full house. Chidinma, Bidemi, kikelomo and Funmilayo.

Me: (smiling) good morning girls. I’m really endowed.
All of them: Good morning.

We all chatted and we enjoyed ourselves. I moved away from their midst and stylishly called my sister. I gave her some money to get some snacks for us at KFC. There’s soft drinks in the fridge. She seems happy and rushed out of the house.
Kikelomo and Chidinma were busy gisting about their time at school. I looked at Bidemi with a sign to come with me. I left their midst to the dinning table. Bidemi followed me almost immediately.

Me: hope you are doing fine now?
Bidemi: (smiling) at least, you are out of the hospital and my dad would soon be discharged.

Bidemi and I were busy chatting and laughing our hearts out when Ruka entered the living room unannounced. My mind skipped.

To Be Continued…


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