I was excited and shouted in joy as the Doctor left the room. Chidinma kept looking at me. I connected a call to my mum to inform her about the development. She seems very happy. I told her not to keep me waiting because I’m dying to leave this place.
My mum came earlier than I anticipated. Chidinma helped her to pack our things while she went to the Doctor Ayeni’s office. We left the hospital after she concluded whatever they talked about (who cares). My mum carefully drove us home.
We got home around 4pm. Chidinma didn’t bother entering the house with us. She just took her leave after assuring me that our lesson starts tomorrow. My mum gave her some money for her transport. She thanked her for looking after me while she was away. We closed the gate behind her. I went over to my room: checked my stuffs and everything is still intact. I laid on my bed and I pretended to be trying to get some sleep when my mum came in: I’m not in for her talk. She left immediately she saw me: thought I was taking a nap.
I immediately connected a call to Bidemi. She was very happy that I’m now home. They were still at Luth hospital but she promised to come over to say hello as soon as she gets back. I ended the call. I yawned: it seems I really do need to take a nap. I put my phone on silence mode and slept off almost immediately.
I woke up around 9pm. It was supposed to be a short sleep. I stretched my lazy bones and I checked the missed calls on my phone. As usual, all the people that I expected called me: but there’s one unknown caller among the missed calls. I dialled the number and the person picked almost immediately.

Ladies voice: hello Femi, hope you are doing fine?
Me: (matching the voice) yes and you?
The Lady: (smiling) I’m okay.. this is Shade. Your old friend in school then
Me: (smiling) Shade… I am very glad you called. I thought your friend never got to give you my number.
Shade: (smiling) she did gave me the very day we saw each other but…… (kept quiet)
Me: (smiling) but what? That I’m not the same person that you know back then in school …
Shade: yes… I don’t want you to come back and see me still working in the hotel: that’s why I called. At least to fulfil all righteousness
Me: (smiling) okay… thanks for calling…
Shade: you are welcome.
Me: but it seems you don’t want to have anything to do with me. You are in a hurry to get me off the phone. are you still at work?
Shade: no… just got home. Today is my day off. Besides what makes you think that I don’t want to have anything to do with you?
Me: (smiling) because you dint care to ask why I gave my number to the receptionist to give you?
Shade: what else does a guy who comes frequently to the hotel with much older women wants from an hotel chef like me: if not sexx.
Me: (shocked and angry) look at who is trying to be a saint here? You think I dint know about your escapades of sexx with guys at school. It even dawn on us that you slept with the vice principal back then. You snatched your best friend boyfriend. You… (she cuts me off)
Shade: (voice sad but raised) yes I did those things… no need for you to start reciting the past I want to forget. I don’t care about what you want; I’m just not interested.
Me: (still angry) okay… okay… is this your number?
Shade: yes but please don’t call me back.
Me: I’m sorry Shade. I think, we got on the wrong foot. I will call you back when both of us are no longer angry. I wished I could see your face right now.
Shade: what for?
Me: (sexyy tone) to know if you are more beautiful when angry to when smiling.
Shade: (voice calm) you are not serious.
Me: don’t worry… I will make you angry anytime we see: so as to confirm my curiosity.

She giggles for the first time since we have been on the phone. She still insisted on me not calling her back: but I declined the offer. She ended the call after saying goodnight.

To Be Continued…

Oh yeah…. 50 shades of femi as someone rightfully said! 😀

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