Me: (smiling) very happy… the doctor said that I would be discharged today. And he said that I should not stress myself with anything. He specifically said that “Femi, don’t read for the next 3months. Why won’t I be happy?
Mummy: (laughing) don’t mind him Chidinma… I was here when the doctor came, and he didn’t say anything of such.
Chidinma: (smiling) don’t bother yourself mummy… I know that he’s joking.

We laughed for awhile. It’s now 9am. Mummy took an excuse to go to her office but promised to be back before 2pm. She left and I’m now left with Chidinma.
Immediately my mum left, I kept staring at her. I made it so conspicuous that she was shy about my bad attitude.

Chidinma: (shy and looking away) please stop looking at me like that… I know that I dint apply any makeup today. please Femi, don’t make it worse than I already look.
Me: (smiling) okay… we know the truth already.
Chidinma: (curious) what truth?
Me: (smiling) don’t worry… you are my teacher and I don’t want to start being rude to you.
Chidinma: don’t worry: just say it.
Me: (voice serious) the truth is that, we both know that you are a beautiful lady. Hiding under a Marykay brand: still won’t hide your beauty. You are very beautiful, I mean very beautiful. When I saw you without makeup today, I wished for so many things. (kept quiet)
Chidinma: (voice low) things like what
Me: (sexyy voice) I wished I could be a mirror: so that you could see what I see: a beauty that’s not mixed. I wished I’m am your present boyfriend: you will never wear makeup again after seeing you today. Chidinma, I like you being natural. It really brings out the beauty in you. I have never and I mean never, seen you this beautiful. You are very beautiful Chichi.
Chidinma: (giggles and look away) thank you Femi…
Me: (smiling) no need to thank me. Just thank God for giving you wonderful and beautiful parents.

She smiled and managed to say “I thank God”. Her voice and the mood betrayed her. I knew that my words had effects on her but what if she’s just caught up in the moment. I erased my mind from the devilish thought in my head. I changed the topic.

Me: (smiling) so what are you teaching me today?
Chidinma: (smiling) I dint prepare for any tutorials today… don’t worry we will start tomorrow
Me: start tomorrow? I’m still weak! My head hurts… we will start next week
Chidinma: I know that you are very just pulling my legs.

We chatted and laughed like there’s no tomorrow. I really enjoyed her company. I was about to ask her about her boyfriends when Nurse Damilola entered the room. My spirit was elated when I saw her. She still said that I talk too much and that I’m very fortunate not to have another patient in my room. She checked my temperature and my BP: which she said was normal. She went out.
I told Chidinma that Kikelomo asked after her yesterday. She too was very happy that she is back from school. I told her about her dad and her mood dampens. I connected a call to kikelomo and she picked almost immediately it beeps at my end.

Kikelomo: (sounds excited) we are sorry for not coming to see since morning. We are in Luth hospital since morning and guess what: my dad just came out of comma. I’m very happy (shouting)
Me: (smiling) it’s a good news… I’m very happy myself.

I told her that Chidinma was here with me. I gave her the phone and they talked on as if they were doing free midnight call. Chidinma was laughing away my credit. After some minutes, they ended the call. It’s not quite long that they ended the call that Doctor Ayeni came in.

Me&Chidinma: Good afternoon sir
Doctor Ayeni: Good morning guys… I can see that you are fine now. Are you able to remember anything now?
Me: no sir… but I’m very fine now sir
Doctor Ayeni: (smiling) you are fine when I say you are fine. I know that you are eager to leave this place.

I just smiled. The doctor said that I can leave but only when one of my parent is around. I was very happy. I have stayed almost 2 days without getting a kiss: not to talk of making love.

To Be Continued…

The only thing always on his mind is………. Complete it! 😀


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