The money that Adedoyin promised she would send into my account: made me think over the whole incident. Tunde has already done his worse. He knew that I won’t be able to tell anyone about what happened. He took advantage of the fear I have for my parents to deal with me.
Tunde is my friend but I think he has gone too far with what he did to me. I need to let Badoo knows about it. He can still fight for me with the help of his friends. But come to think of it: Badoo’s friends are not touts: their only interest is to dress fine and run after anything in skirt. I thought about Emeka too. He’s just a lousy boy. He can only talk himself into trouble and then into another trouble again.
I kept thinking on how to deal with Tunde and I concluded that I don’t have any resources to fight him. The only way I can get back at him; is to sleep with Ronke on a couple of occasion: but that would be more than suicidal for me. I was still thinking about my problem when I heard the voice of my mum.

Mummy: Good morning Femi
Me: (smiling) good morning ma… I just finished praying for you (lies). Hoped you slept well ma?
Mummy: (smiling) yes I did.. and you? Hope the pains has relieved you a little bit?
Me: yes mummy… it’s only the pain in my right arm… I hope the doctor will discharge both of us today ooo
Mummy: (smiling) you are the only one being admitted here…
Me: (smiling) we both are sleeping in the hospital… I’m sorry mummy for putting you through these pains

We chatted for awhile and my mum helped me to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth with my left hand and managed to use the left hand to take my bath. I was able to put on my boxers myself while I called out to mummy: who helped me to wear my clothes.
It’s now 7:30am… my sister brought our breakfast. It’s pap and bean cake.

Me: (smiling) did the doctor prescribed pap for you too mummy? In our next conversation: you will be telling me that you are not a patient too.

We all laughed. Funmilayo left almost immediately she dropped the food. I was almost through with my breakfast when the doctor entered the room. He allowed me to finish my food and he examined my health. I was about asking him when I would be discharged when he said that I would be discharged in the afternoon.

Me: (smiling) thank you doctor… I’m very fine now
Doctor Ayeni: but you still have to be coming to the hospital… once in every two days till I certified you perfectly okay.

The doctor left as soon as he wrote down somethings into my file. I was very happy. I have only been here for a few days but it seems like ages. I was about to say something to my mum when the nurse that gave me injection yesterday entered.

Nurse: (smiling) Good morning ma… good morning Femi
Mummy: (smiling) good morning my dear.
Me: (voice low) I would have loved to say the same thing to you: but I know why you are here.
Nurse: (smiling) hmnnnnn… why am I here?
Me: what else… than to give me injections.
Nurse: I’m sorry if you felt bad about it. I’m just doing my job. It’s a part of the job I don’t enjoyed doing myself because people tends to take us a bad person.

I’m not interested in her plea. My mind was seriously hooked on the injection. I asked her if sleeping dosage is among the drugs being administered to me: and she said no. it’s still a fair bargain. She gave me the injection with some other tablets. She left.
It was shortly after she left that Chidinma entered. She looks more beautiful than I can ever imagined her to be. Her face was free from makeup. Which makes her more beautiful and much younger than her age. She wore a more official outfit today: I guess it’s because of my mum. I was busy thinking about Chidinma: that I dint even know that she and my mum were through with their good morning greetings.

Mummy: (shouted) Femi… is it not you that Chidinma has been greeting since?
Me: ooh… I’m sorry. I just got lost in my thought. Trying to figure out if I might remember something. I’m sorry my teacher. Good morning ma
Chidinma: (smiling) good morning my student. I hope you are fine now.

To Be Continued…

Dear fans time for honesty, did you ever have a crush on your teacher? And did you ever have that kind of Teacher-student Romance?

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