Me: (staring at Ruka) hello
Sarah: hello Femi… what happened? Adedoyin and I have been trying to reach you. I even sent you a text message. Hope all is well?
Me: (smiling) yes… I got into a fight with some guys… I’m presently admitted in the hospital.
Sarah: Jesus… what happened? I hope you were not seriously wounded?
Me: not really… I might be discharged in 2/3 days time. Have you guys left now?
Sarah: (voice sad) no.. but we are about going to the airport now. The flight still leaves 10pm. Maybe we should come and say hello before we rush to the airport.
Me: (staring at Ruka) that’s very lovely of you guys but my parents are here and I don’t know what I’m going to tell them if you guys come around. Besides I don’t want to stress you. I’m much better now. Just missing you guys already.

We chatted for awhile and she ended the call with the promise of calling me back before boarding the plane. I smiled as I looked at Ruka.

Me: (smiling) I’m still waiting for my kiss
Ruka: why don’t you ask the girl you are on the phone to kiss you.
Me: that’s very rude Ruka… when did you start acting like Bidemi? She’s a lady and a good friend.
Ruka: whatever…. a girl or a lady; I’m not kissing you.

Ruka acted strangely all through her stay with me. It’s either Bidemi or the unknown lady on the phone that she now uses to end our conversation: but who cares?. We continued chatting until my Dad entered the room. We all greeted him. He responded quite well. He greeted Ruka very warmly and he dint mixed up her name this time.
He asked me what happened and I continued with the lies that I have perfected since morning. I knew that my dad is a very smart person: so I dint try to be smart with him. He was still asking me some detectives questions when my mum entered with Brother Segun.

Me: (very happy) big brother… I’m glad to see you.
Brother Segun: (smiling) me too… at least you are more of a lively person than yesterday.
Me: (smiling) you are the first guy that would come visiting today… I’m so happy you came.
Daddy: what about me? I’m still a guy
Brother Segun: you are old school sir… He meant younger guys
Me: yes ooo
Daddy: (laughing) I’m still young at heart… it’s your mummy that’s old school not me..

We all laughed over the joke and we still took time to share other jokes. It’s now 9pm and Ruka requested to take her leave. My dad asked her to wait for awhile: so that she can drop her over at her house. My dad went out of the room: probably to see the doctor.

Me: (smiling) thank you Ruka… I really appreciate your visit…
Ruka: it’s my pleasure… I might come around tomorrow: I hope you would be discharged tomorrow.
Me: I hope so too…

We dint chat long when my dad came back to the room. Everyone left with him except my mum who’s sleeping over again. I felt for her. She dint go to work today and it’s all because of me: Tomorrow: I don’t think she would go again.
Immediately they left, my mum served me a plate of rice with hot tea. I took it and the nurse came in to give me my night drugs. I slept off just like in the morning.

I woke up around 6:30am in the morning. I picked my phone. It was on silent. I saw missed call from Adedoyin, Bidemi and Motunrayo. I immediately connects a call to Motunrayo and she picked. I explained the perfect lie to her and she felt pity for me. I told her not to come to the hospital because It seems I might be discharged today. She still insisted on coming. I ended the call. I looked for my mummy. She is still sleeping. She is sleeping on one of the free bed space which is meant for another patient.
I’m now much better now. The only pains I feel now is the pains on my right arm. I relaxed a little and I connected a call to Adedoyin. She shows more concerned than Sarah. She kept saying sorry at the end of her sentence. She ended the call after promising to send some money into my account later in the day.
I smiled. I still get paid without working.

To Be Continued…

Best Job ever😄😄

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