Woman turn Man? See Ex-Nigerian Footballer Showing Off Her Body in Open Jacket (Photos)

Nigerian ex-footballer has raised dust on her Instagram page after she posted photos showing her breast region.

Controversial ex-Nigerian footballer, Chichi Igbo is at it again. The now fitness expert has raised dust as to her gender after she posted a photo showing off six packs and exposing her breast region.

Many people have questioned the fact that her breast is almost flat like that of a man.

Like the Chi we know, she doesn’t care that people are asking, ‘where is her breast?’.

 man turns woman

“Everyone saying good outfit and telling you to keep on rocking your fashionable intellectual barrenness, bankruptcy and inefficient are just tryna ruin your life….. You lost all that makes proud as a woman and now your like wwe artist… Wise up…” someone wrote on her page.

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