It’s only Ruka’s message that was different from the others. She wants to know if I’m okay. She seems worried. I read the other messages. It all boils down to “why are you not picking your calls?”. I put my phone on silent.
I looked at the Adeboye’s and I called them “twins”. We all laughed.

Mummy: (smiling) they both look alike and very beautiful.
Me: (smiling) if I’m a little richer and comfortable like Daddy… I will marry the two of them.
Bidemi: (smiling) you want to marry two sisters. Even your dad doesn’t have two wives.
Kikelomo: (smiling) don’t mind him… he’s just joking. His heart is not strong enough to marry two wives.
Mummy: Femi… you are still young to be talking about marriage now, same thing goes to the rest of you. Just concentrate on your studies. And you Femi… for reference in future; don’t think I will ever allow you to marry two wives.
Femi: (smiling) hanhan mummy, I’m only joking.

We continued with our chat and laughing when Funmilayo and Ruka entered the room. I was scared and I could see the expression of fear on the faces of Bidemi, Ruka and Funmilayo as well. Funmilayo rushed over to me and gave me a peck on my right cheek while Ruka forced a greeting.

Ruka: (smiling) good evening ma
Mummy: Good evening my dear, how is everybody your father?
Ruka: he’s fine ma… he sends his regards to you. He said that I should come on his behalf to know how Femi is doing. He travelled early this morning.
Mummy: (smiling) that’s very thoughtful of him. He’s the one that brought Femi home yesterday. Please, you will give me his number before you leave
Ruka: (smiling) no problem ma

Funmilayo explained everything that happened when they brought me back home. She said “I was never as scared like that before”. She didn’t even know that she was crying until dad placed his hand on her shoulder and assured her that brother Femi would be okay. We all kept quiet as Funmilayo entertained us.
When it was 6:45pm. The Adeboye’s already set to take their leave. My mum decided to drop them at their house and do some cooking when coming back to the hospital. She left with the Adeboye’s. I’m now left with Funmilayo and Ruka.

Me: (smiling) fine Ruka… hope you are fine?
Ruka: (smiling) yes.. fine boy Femi
Funmilayo: fine girl Funmilayo… I’m also fine myself.

We all laughed. We chatted on general stuffs. I was about to look for a way to beg Ruka when one of the nurses entered.

Nurse: (smiling) Mr Femi, do you ever get tired of talking?
Me: (smiling) talking is like a hobby to me. I never gets tired oo. Expecially when I’m with my loved ones.
Nurse: even with the doctors directive to talk less: you choose to talk more. I dint want to crash your fun; that’s why I didn’t enter since.
Me: (smiling) thanks … at least you know how it feels to be on the bed for a whole day without doing nothing.
Nurse: I do… that’s why I dint bother you guys. You can still catch your fun: just let them do the talking please.
Me: okay dear… When am I going to be discharged?
Nurse: (smiling) it’s only the doctor that could determine that… it’s just nurse Damilola not dear please.
Me: (smiling) got you… I know that if I asked for your name.. you might not give me nurse Damilola. I once told my mum that nurses are beautiful. Here I am: with another beautiful damsel.
Nurse D: (giggles) thank you… I’m not a damsel. Excuse me: I have to attend to other patients.

She left with smiles on her face. I was checking her out when Funmilayo’s intentional coughing: brought me back to reality.

Ruka: you don’t even have respect for me again. Didn’t I tell you that your brother is a flirt?
Me: (smiling) I’m just trying to be nice. She’s not my mate ooo
Ruka: I know she is not but please don’t flirt with anyone when I’m around.
Me: (smiling) okay ma… can you give me a kiss now?
Ruka: (smiling) you are joking right..
Me: why don’t you give it a try to find out if I’m joking or not…
Funmilayo: Brother Femi… what’s wrong with you? it seems that you have changed now

I just laughed and I saw my phone blinking. It’s a call from Sarah. I picked not minding the presence of Ruka and Funmilayo.

To Be Continued…

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