“It’s Never Happened to me Before” Mother Cries After Being Told by Council Worker to Breastfeed in a Toilet

Chloe Davis, 19, was trying to soothe distressed baby Jasper at Lancaster Town Hall and asked if there was somewhere she could breastfeed.

But she was left seething after a male member of staff told Ms Davis to use the toilet – which she refused.

Eventually, Ms Davis was able to breastfeed her son in a private room.It’s never happened to me before Chloe Davis reacted.

ts Never Happened to me Before Mother Cries After Being Told by Council Worker to Breastfeed in a Toilet1

She said: “I can’t believe it happened at the town hall. It’s never happened to me before.

“I was in a meeting room with a male member of staff and my baby started screaming. I tried rocking him and his dummy but he was hungry.

“So I asked him is it fine to breastfeed, just out of courtesy really because it’s against the law to say no. It was more so he could leave the room if he felt uncomfortable.

Ms Davis posted details about the incident on Facebook and it got 140 shares.

Afterwards, she went straight to a young mums group where she spoke about what happened and told members of the group never to be afraid to breastfeed in public or a public building.

Councillor Abi Mills said she would complain to the council chief executive on Ms Davis’ behalf.

The councillor, who represents Scotforth West, said: “It’s appalling.

“He said he would just check, he went outside to speak to a colleague, and came back and said that they’d never had this before and I could feed him in the toilets. He was pushing me to use the toilet.

“I said ‘I’m not feeding my baby in the toilet, that’s not hygienic’.

“My support worker was with me. She used to breastfeed and was quite angry.

She said: “My landlord has sold the property where I live and given notice so I was there to talk about new housing.”



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