Ahmadiyya world leader urges prayer, kindness to enemies

…as UK Jalsa opens with over 35,000 delegates
By Ishola Balogun, London
In what was described as the largest annual gathering in Britain, over 35,000 Ahmadi Muslims converged at the Oakland Farm, Hadeeqatul Madhi, Hampshire, London for a three-day world conference to discuss ways of promoting peace, tolerance, poverty eradication and socio-economic development in the world.

Over 35,000 Ahmadi Muslims converged at the Oakland Farm, Hadeeqatul Madhi, Hampshire, London
Over 35,000 Ahmadi Muslims converged at the Oakland Farm, Hadeeqatul Madhi, Hampshire, London

Declaring the event opened after hoisting flags of over 200 countries where the jamaat is established, the leader, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, his holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad in his keynote address, charged Muslims world-over to be kind to fellow human beings and offer regular prayers for the enemies, adding that this, rather than avenging hostilities will bring about peace in the world.

“Kindness to the fellow human beings and positive prayers for the enemies were the practice of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and all Muslims should emulate that. One should not harm any human being. This is the true teachings of Islam. This is what I teach you and this is what I tell you always. Do not set partners with Allah and always seek forgiveness of sins. When a person truly submits to almighty Allah, He forgives him and blesses him.”

“So, this three-day convention should not only remind you of morals and what you should do, but to make them part of your life. No jamaat can be called a true jamaat unless he gives a helping hand to the weak, treat people with love and affection.”

Earlier during his Friday sermon, the jamaat world leader urged participants to forget all worldly affairs while the Jalsa lasted in order to gain spiritual up-liftment and increase in the fear of God. “The 50th Jalsa is not going to give us any worldly material, but we should rather increase in the fear of God,” he said.

Over 35,000 participants, 5000 volunteers

Officials said over 35,000 participants across the world were registered for the event while about 5000 volunteers were strategically placed to offer assistance in different capacities to participants. For the three-day event, these people will be fed three times a day with security and other logistics in full control.

Salim Ulah Kahlon, a Briton and one of the officials confirmed to Saturday Vanguard that the event has been the largest gathering in the country in the last five years contributing over £30million to the economy every year.

“We have been having no less than 30,000 attendees every year since the last five years. If each one of them brings in £1000, it means we will be having £30million put into our economy every year. Again, we cannot quantify the socio-cultural effect of this gathering,” Khalon added.

The event is being broadcast live by MITV, TVC and the group’s Muslim Television Ahmadiyya, MTA, which has studios in 12 countries including United States of America, United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, Nigeria and other parts of Africa. It also covers Middle East, North Africa and North America.

It broadcast both live and recorded programmes in over 16 languages. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat is known with strong passion and zeal in spreading the true teachings of Islam

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