Please Help Me! I Cheated on My Boyfriend, How Do I Gain Back His Trust?

Please help me, I feel so guilty after cheating on my boyfriend. How do I gain his trust again after all that happened?

I cheated on My boyfriend that I’ve been with for 11 Months. It is a small amount of time but its the longest I’ve ever been in a relationship for. i see him as my best friend and everything. we would always be together.

I became super close with his family. I felt like I was part of them. I see myself with him for a long time. but I made the mistake of cheating on him at the very beginning of our relationship. He’s aware that I was a totally different person before I met him. I was a party girl and I loved to have fun ( the wrong ways) but he changed me completely and when I cheated on him I decided not to tell anyone and thought I would get away with is but it slowly ate me out and I told him.

He hates me so much for holding it in for so long and can’t trust me at all. He’s willing to forgive me but only if I prove to him I’m really changed and I can gain his trust back.

What can I do to do that ? I know I did changed but how do I prove to him that and how do I gain his trust back?


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