I just kept muted as I watched tears rolled down her eyes. She thanked Chidinma for standing up for her to go home to get few things done. She brought out a food flask. I’m very happy because I’m really starving. She opened it and my elated spirit came down. She brought pap and moimoi.

Me: (voice sad) ooh… I don’t have malaria mummy.. you know that I don’t like taking pap
Mummy: (smiling) I know my dear but the doctor said that’s what you will be taking in the morning now: even sometimes at night. Just manage it like that my dear: so that you can take your injection.

I grudgingly took the pap and the moimoi. I finished the food in time for the nurse to give me my morning drugs: which includes two injections. I took the tablet. The nurse asked the ladies to turn their back as she injects me.
I felt real pain and wanted to cry out when she used the hypodermic needle to pierce my bumbum: but the presence of Chidinma held me back. In about two minutes time, she was through. She said that they should allow me to rest because she added sleeping dose to the injection I took. It worked like magic: because the sentence seems to be the last I heard before I slept off.
I woke up around 4pm. MummyK and her daughters standing over me, along with my mum. I greeted them.

Me: (yawning) good afternoon ma
MummyK: (smiling) it’s now evening my dear… so how is your body now?
Me: I will be fine ma but there’s still pains all over my body.
MummyK: (smiling) you will be okay my dear…
Me: so how’s daddy’s health now? Has he been discharged?
MummyK: (forcing a smile) no…. he’s still in a comma but the doctor assured us that he will be fine.
Me: I know that he will be fine by God’s grace…

They all chorus “Amen”. I waved at Kikelomo and Bidemi. They both smiled and waved back. We all chatted freely but I took my time to study kikelomo: she’s not as free as Bidemi. They all cracked different jokes and we all laughed. After ten minutes, MummyK gave kikelomo some money. She said that she is going back to see her husband: that they should use the money for their transport fare back home.
MummyK left, with my mum seeing her off. I’m now left with the Adeboye’s.

Me: (smiling) don’t worry girls…your dad and I would be out of the hospital in no time.
Kikelomo: that’s what we prayed for. Femi, I’m sorry about what I did the other day: it’s the pressure of the news that I got from my mum. I’m really sorry.
Me: (looking confused) I don’t know what you are talking about… what is it? what did you do?
Bidemi: so you dont remember what happened yesterday at our place…

I was about saying something when my mum entered. She heard Bidemi words. She explained what the doctor explained to her. She said that I have amnesia. It’s just a temporary memory loss. She said that I dint remember anything from the moment we went to your house till this morning. They were both surprised but my mum assured them that it’s nothing: the doctor said he will be fine.

Me: (smiling) it’s nothing jare…is it not a day memory loss? I’m okay. Henhen, mummy… has Chidinma gone?
Mummy: yes… she left when you were asleep.
Kikelomo: ooh… Chidinma my friend. Please if she comes back: tell her that I asked after her today.
Me: (smiling) okay miss Adeboye… I even need to tell her something… where is my phone mummy?
Mummy: I have switched it off when some people kept calling all through the night.
Me: (curious look) who might that be? Can I have my phone back mummy?
Mummy: sure..

She gave me back my phone and I switched it on immediately. As I expected, it was calls from everyone, even Ruka called me twice. Maybe her dad told her about my condition. It was not quite long when messages started entering the phone. It’s from Ruka, kikelomo, Bidemi, Sarah, Adedoyin and Motunrayo.

To Be Continued…

Just who should I calk back first? 😀😀

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