I continued praying and still trying to figure out where Tunde was taking me to. The car stopped in what I guess to be about 10mins drive. My heart kept skipping. I was bundled out of the car. I looked around: trying to figure out where I was but the fence of the compound was very high. I know that I won’t be too far off from my area.
I scanned the area for Tunde and Ronke: but they were nowhere to be found. I have now resigned my faith in the hands 3 fierce looking guys. One of the guys removed the tape and rope from my body. He whispered into my ears –“you fuc*ked up and we are going to treat your fuc*kup”.

Me: (crying) I’m sorry for everything but I promise it won’t repeat itself
Guy1: (smiling) I bet that it won’t… so you actually slept with her..
Me: no ooo… we just came over for a drink… I am very sorry sir; it won’t happen again. Please let me go; my family would have been worried by now.
Guy2: you should have thought of that before you took your friends girlfriend to another hotel.

I knew that there is no amount of pleading that would let these guys let go: because I know that they are working under the directives of Tunde. I looked around and I was looking for a way to escape the vicinity. I could see that the guys with me were not concentrating on me. Without having much thought about what I was doing: I ran off to the gate. One of the guys saw me and he alerted the other guys.
They pursued me. Unfortunately for me, the gate was locked with a big padlock. With the three fierce looking guys almost caught up with me. I looked around and I sighted a hole in one of the X-axis of the tall fence. I dashed over there and I was almost scaling the fence when one of the guys caught me by my trousers. He forcefully dragged me down: that I landed on my arm. I was seriously in pain but that doesn’t stop them from beating me. I was kicked continuously on my tummy that I could hardly breathe. They dragged me on my feet and I received punches again on my tummy and face.
I started seeing 9 guys instead of 3 guys. The beating continued until I faked to have passed out. The guys were afraid that I was dead.

Guy1: (voice shaking) it seems the guy is dead ooo
Guy2: (checking my pulse) he’s still breathing but I think it would be better for us to release him as Tunde as instructed.

Through their conversations: I was made to understand that: Tunde and Ronke had already alighted the car before we got to this place. And that Tunde actually instructed them to beat me up and release me afterward. They put my wallet and phone into my pocket. They put me back into Ronke’s car. only that this time, I sat in at the back of the car.
They drove me to our street and they forcefully ejected me out of the car: just like the way “One chance” people usually does. They drove off before people around knew what had happened.
I laid motionless on the floor and people have already gathered around me. I could hear their conversation. Some of them said, the guys that dropped me were ritualist: that they have used me. While some of them said I’m among the school cultists around our area.
I’m dying and none of the people around deemed to help me. I am very weak. I knew I couldn’t stand up on my own but I managed to turn over my body. It was when my face was visible to all; that someone called my name. “It’s Femi .. It’s Femi”. He helped me up and he called out for people to assist him. I managed to look at the man’s face and I realised it to be Ruka’s father.
They took me to our house. I was not surprised when I met my every member of my family outside. My mum started shouting and I could see Funmilayo crying. My dad ordered my only brother to bring out the car and I was rushed to the hospital.
I was very weak to answer any of their questions as we drove into our family hospital; which is not too far from our house. My dad connected a call to our family doctor (Doctor Ayeni) and he said that he’s still in the hospital. The doctor gave me some injection and I slept off.
I could still feel some of the pains all over my body. The night was a very long night. I woke up around 10am the next day. I’m still in the hospital. So all the things that happened to me were actually true. I thought as I looked at Chidinma who was in my room. She smiled.

Me: (in pains) what am I doing here Chidinma? Where are my parents?
Chidinma: (smiling) your dad has gone to work while your mum just left here to freshen up. She slept here all through the night.
Me: ooh… so what happened to me? what am I doing in the hospital?
Chidinma: (surprised) your mum didn’t tell me anything, she said that you were not able to tell them anything yesterday… we were hoping when you come back alive, you would.
Me: (pretending) I don’t know what happened.. the last thing I remembered was that I went to the Adeboye’s house with my parents. I was (coughing)

I couldn’t complete the sentence when I started coughing out blood. Chidinma was so afraid that she rushed out of the room; shouting nurse.. nurse. After about what seems like 3/4mins. She came back along with Doctor Ayeni. He saw the blood and he said that I should try not to talk much for now. He said that the beating those guys gave me must have resulted to me having internal bleeding. He said the scan that they took yesterday when I was sleeping: indicated that you have a leakage in one of your blood vessels. He assured me that it’s not something serious. That with some prescribed drugs, I will be okay. He asked me what happened and I told him that I dint remember. He wrote some things down by in what is purported to be my file. He left the room after warning Chidinma to talk less with me.
I’m now alone with Chidinma but my mind was seriously thinking how I’m going to get out of the hospital without having to tell the truth to my loved ones. I was still lost in thought when Chidinma broke the silence.

Chidinma: (smiling) sorry… you should be out of here in no time.
Me: (smiling) yes… the doctor says I should not talk much.. but you are looking beautiful today. My lips sealed back.
Chidinma: (giggles) thank you… I dint know that you were hospitalised. I wouldn’t have dressed like this and applied so much makeup on my face. I don’t like the look on mummy’s face when she saw me. I think she might think that we were doing another thing apart from coaching.
Me: (smiling) things like what?
Chidinma: (shy) don’t know… but I am just not comfortable this way. she will soon be here; only God knows what she would say if she sees me again like this.

She kept on complaining. Everyone with his/her own personal problem. Her own is my mother; while mine is how my parents won’t get to know that I attempted to sleep with someone old enough to be my mother. I decided to make a joke about the issue.

Me: (smiling) now I am officially on holiday. No tutorials till I’m discharged from here.
Chidinma: (laughing) olodo… you don’t even want the tutorial before. Everyday you always have where to go. But as you have said… you are officially on holiday. no friends visitations and no tutorials as well.

We were both laughing when my mum entered. The look on her face indicated that she has just spoken with the doctor. He must have told her about my memory loss and the internal bleeding. I knew my mum when she’s disturbed.

Me: (voice sad) good morning mummy… why are you sad? the doctor said I will be fine. Didn’t he Chidinma? (Chidinma nodded affirmatively)
Mummy: (forcing a smile) I never expected any of my children to be in this state. I know that you will be fine.

I really felt for her and I wished to tell her about what happened, but the love and respect that my family has for me is on the bargain for the truth.

To Be Continued…

I really hope you guys are learning the much needed lessons from this😂😂



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