Whay are men not sexually loyal ?


A few weeks back, you wrote that all men fantasise about sleeping with other women and that really got me angry. Women do not want to be told this is normal. Can you tell me what is normal about a woman going to bed with her husband, and while they’re making love, he’s thinking about someone else?


I like to believe that I am good looking enough for him to think only about me when we make love.

If I ever found out that he was fantasising about other women, our relationship would be over. It would be as bad as if he sleeps with another woman behind my back.

If a man is sexually fulfilled, why does he need to go elsewhere? Whay are men not sexually loyal ?

Linda, by e-mail.

Dear Linda,

Men, in the same way as women, fantasise about the opposite sex as they enter adolescence. They are aroused by the thoughts that flash through their minds. This leads to relationships and eventually sexual intercourse. The ability to look forward to the joy of sex is believed by scientists to be part of what distinguishes us from other animals. It gives us pleasure and it helps the human race to thrive.

A man will continue to fantasise about sex, frequently or seldomly, throughout life. Although he’ll tend to focus on the woman he loves, he cannot and does not  control the sexual thoughts that rush into his head. He will remain alert to the attribute of other women.

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