Rio Relief for Nigerian Wrestlers as training partners join camp

Technical Director of the Nigeria Wrestling Federation, Daniel Igali has finally expressed his joy that at last, training partners have been approved to join his wrestlers as the team prepare for Olympic glory at the Rio Games.TONY-RIO

He however noted that the distraction of not allowing the training partners to travel with the team was unhealthy for the common goal of Team Nigeria.

‘’They’ve met me half way not approving all the training partners I requested for the team. As it is, we are still going to manage switching the partners for both male and female. I am happy that they finally gave consent for them to join us. Initially, it was a blunt cancellation for them to come. Like they say, half bread is better than nothing. I am happy’’, Igali who is also the President of Wrestling Federation of Nigeria said.

One other grey area that the former Olympic Gold medallist for Canada frowned at was the transport arrangement. ‘’It’s frustrating for me to be doing 2hrs from my hotel to join my athletes at the Games Village to train. It takes a toll on me but we see that as a sacrifice that we all make to serve our fatherland. But, it could have been better ensuring smooth transport arrangement for all those who have key roles to play in the Olympics’’,.

Looking ahead, the great Olympian reiterated that they would give out their best to ensure a good performance that everybody would be happy with. ‘’The wrestlers are in good shape and doing well. I’m happy that the training partners are joining up. That will keep them in good shape for the battle ahead’’, he noted.

Rio Relief for Nigerian Wrestlers as training partners join camp on Vanguard News.


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