“My Grandmother Shaped My Life As A Technocrat” — Obaseki


Governoship candidate of the APC, Mr Godwin Obaseki, yesterday disclosed that the influence of his grandmother shaped his life as a technocrat.

Consequently, he promised that if elected, his administration will focus seriously on the issue of girl child education.

Obaseki, who disclosed this while hosting Edo state APC women, who are based in Abuja, said: “If you look at the structure of our party, easily you could see that about 57 per cent of our population are women. It just follows common sense and logic to say that if you put less resources for that segment that is majority then you will not get the optimum result.

“So the issue should be how to put more investment in our major resources, women of our country. When we talk about women issues we tend to restrict them to maternal and child care. It is not good enough, we must extend it beyond that. The issue of girl child is something we must focus on because for me, I know that what shaped my life is the influence of my grandmother and my grandmother had only female children.

“Five of them; she had no male. She sent all the five girls abroad. For me, if that did not happen then who knows I may not be running for governor today. So you can imagine what we will benefit if we empower meaningfully in the majority of our women.

So women issues must go beyond maternal and child issues, we must now think about girl child education and one of the things we are insisting on in Edo State is to train more female science teachers and send them to schools, particularly, in the rural areas.

“It is not just enough to say we have settled women, we must equip them to live and compete in today’s world, the world of the internet. In America, it is not uncommon in an engineering class to have more female than male but here it is like an anathema” he stated.

“My Grandmother Shaped My Life As A Technocrat” — Obaseki on Naijaloaded |/a>.


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