OMG! Headmaster Impregnates 14-year-old Girl And Begs Houseboy To Take Responsibility


A randy headmaster has been exposed after he had s*x with a 14-year-old girl and bribed the houseboy to take responsibility.

A randy primary school headmaster has been caught after 14-year-old Class Eight pupil in Belgut, Kericho County of Kenya.

However, he might end up going scot-free after the teacher coerced a gardener into an oath of secrecy to take responsibility for the crime.

According to The Nairobian, a source close to the gardener who has been doubling up as a houseboy revealed that the school head had been having a romantic relationship with the girl, among others in the school, for a while now.

Explaining further, the source revealed that things got more complicated when the girl got pregnant, with pressure mounting from her parents, demanding to know the man responsible.

In order not to lose his job, the randy headmaster, together with the girl, struck a deal with the gardener, who allegedly received Sh60,000 to act as the culprit.

“The gardener, who hails from Chepalungu constituency in the neighbouring Bomet County claimed paternity for the girl’s child to ward off suspicion and dispel rumours linking the school head to the pregnancy,” said the source.

After the incident, the gardener went missing leaving the girl ‘stranded’, consequently saving her numerous questions. However, all the blame was heaped on the gardener as people believed he was the real culprit.

“The headmaster, whose randy nature seems to have been heightened by the fact that he doesn’t live with his family, is suspected to be having multiple relationships with some of his pupils in the school,” added the source.

Meanwhile, to absolve himself from any links to the gardener, the school head denied knowing his whereabouts after he vanished.

Interestingly, when the matter was brought to his attention as the school head, the teacher, in a strange show of generosity, is said to have given the girl’s parents Sh50,000 to help them take care of the girl and her baby.

According to The Nairobian, details of the oath taken by the three are scanty. Thus, it’s not known whether the money the headmaster gave the girl’s parents is the only contribution he planned give towards the raising of the child or he plans to regularly offer more support albeit clandestinely.

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